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  • hello is that true Apache is dead and HTTP 3.0 is for Litespeed only? my web host is telling that we must change to Litespeed and pay for license

    and Apache is dead for no HTTP 3.0 speeds

    every VPS cPanel will change soon? Apache is no more used

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  • and Apache is dead for no HTTP 3.0 speeds

    By that argument, you can also say Apple, the $2.5 Trillion company, is dead… since Apple’s Safari browser doesn’t support HTTP/3 either (both on desktop and mobile). Safari 14 (initially shipped with iOS14 and MacOS 11) has experimental support, but this is disabled by default.

    Here’s the thing:

    HTTP/3 is still in its infancy days as far as technology standardization goes. Sure, development of the standard has been ongoing for years but it only became an Internet Draft on 19th July 2021… meaning the fundamental design of the technology is still evolving and is not even a ratified standard yet.

    So, no, Apache is not dead.

    Apache just has a history of supporting new technologies only when they become mature. And it’s a lot more work for Apache, given their much larger footprint.

    But you can safely bet that Apache will eventually support HTTP/3, just as they did with HTTP/2.

    If your web host wants to force HTTP/3 on all their customers now when there’s no real need to do so, that’s their choice. But you also have the choice to EITHER do their bidding or take your business elsewhere.

    Just my own 2 cents, writing as an independent WordPress support volunteer.

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    As of November 2021, the HTTP/3 protocol is still officially an Internet Draft, but is already supported by 74% of running web browsers[3] and, according to W3Techs, 23% of the top 10 million websites.[4] It has been supported by Google Chrome (including Chrome for Android, and Microsoft Edge, which is based on it)[5] since April 2020 and by Mozilla Firefox since May 2021.[3][6] Safari 14 (on macOS Big Sur and iOS 14) has also implemented the protocol but support is hidden behind a feature flag.


    Is it too early speaking about supporting or not supporting things that are still in draft state. Apache aimed at stable operation for millions of sites, same as Nginx, there is no HTTP/3 in nginx yet, however, they are working on it,

    So does Apache, i belive. HTTP/3 will be implemented as module at some point.

    PS: Your question is not WordPress related anyhow. WordPress will work with whatever HTTP protocol supported by webserver, even HTTP 0.9

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    Your webhost is trying to bully you into paying for Litespeed because they keep up to 1/3 of your monthly Litespeed payment as commission. (This is why hosting companies so heavily promote Litespeed and CloudLinux, another product where a percentage of your monthly payment is “kicked back” as commission.)

    I suggest that you find a more honest/reputable hosting company.

    This should be sticky on the forums, too many clients asked me.

    Litespeed vs. Apache server

    One of the biggest reasons that people assume Litespeed is “better” than Apache is because they don’t realize Apache already supports multiple caching methods, but that is simply not advertised well by most web hosting companies who prefer making money from selling WordPress cache plugins, etc, or by calling their caching feature something ridiculous like “ABC HOSTING SUPER CACHE”.

    The other major reason is because Litespeed has invested considerable effort into “confusing” WordPress users especially by publishing dishonest benchmarks showing that Litespeed performance being much faster than both Apache and even Nginx — dishonest because, they did things like disabling FastCGI Cache on the Nginx server to ensure it performed slower, among who knows what else.

    Litespeed is not “faster” than Apache or Nginx when it comes to e.g. loading speed, but they can claim the ability to scale insane traffic levels (e.g. shared cPanel hosting) better than Apache, if that’s what they want to claim…

    • HTTP v3 is not even released yet
    • Open source is Apache or Nginx, Openlitespeed is not even stable
    • Litespeed is truly for web hosting companies only
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