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    We are pleased to announce LSCWP v3 with is now available!

    v3 is now linked to the production servers. It is no longer in preview.

    This is still an Early Release. Things may break, and updates will be frequent. For your mission-critical sites, we recommend waiting for the stable release via the WordPress Plugin Directory.

    With v3, the LiteSpeed plugin’s premium services (Image Optimization, Critical CSS, Low Quality Image Placeholder, etc.) have been rebranded as “” You will still be able to control these services through the WordPress plugin, but now you will also have a handy dashboard at, which shows your service usage and more. (Premium services have been completely overhauled for v3. The v2 versions of these services will gradually be dropped over time.)

    👉 To take part in the Early Release, see complete details:

    Here’s a link to the Change Log, if you’d like to know what to expect:

    Happy Caching!
    The LiteSpeed Team

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  • When will this be rolled out over the wordpress repository?

    Next week prolly.

    Just got an update alert on WordPress to install official V3 version… clicked on it and got a message telling it would maybe take some time to install…. 2 hours later and nothing was updated, I didn’t get any other update alert, version is still 2.9 even on repository. Did I do anything wrong or did you guys uploaded to repository and then canceled for some reason?

    PS: Sorry, just got another update alert and now it was updated properly. Solved

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes we just make a small compatibility improvement for v2.9.9- versions upgrade.

    Now latest version is v3.0.8.1.



    Seems like there are some cool new features, which is great, but I received no notification of this update happening across 6 sites. Suddenly I found that my images weren’t optimizing, and I had to figure out why, then request new domain keys, etc.

    I really feel we should have got a notification warning in WordPress that we would have to request new domain keys and request new pulls, etc. It would be great if, with a change like this, in the future you can let us know in advance from within WordPress. 🙂

    Can I ask – has anything changed in regards to what this means? Previously, I was able to use LiteSpeed cache because of my server, so got unlimited image optimization, etc etc, for free. Has that changed at all? Will that change at all?

    Also, I notice now I can only request 200 images at once. Will that revert back to the 5000 I was previously on, once I do enough again?

    Finally, have settings and previously optimized images transferred over? Or will everything need re-setting up and re-optimizing?

    Thanks for your work on this excellent plugin.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi @gizmo2501

    I hate to ask this, but would you be so kind as to post this question in its own thread? The support team is more likely to see it there.

    Thank you!

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