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  • I migrated from to recently. On my inventory lists, I had them (and want them) organized as a list. When viewing the pages via the Dashboard, it appears as a list but when viewing the website, they show up as merged into one large paragraph. How do I correct this so they show up as lists on the website?

    My site is: — Look at the categories under Bio Inventory.

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  • Did you use the list button or HTML code for lists?

    I moved these via the import/export function.

    To be more specific, I didn’t do anything in particular with the lists — I just used import/export functions. I followed the instructions for migrating from .com to .org

    There is no list HTML in that content –

    <a href="" title="Red-winged Blackbird">Blackbird, Red-winged</a>
    <i>Agelaius phoeniceus</i>
    <a href="" title="Yellow-headed Blackbird">Blackbird, Yellow-headed </a>

    Do you know if it was coded with the proper HTML on your other site?

    Using just spaces/returns in the Visual editor doesn’t create a valid HTML list – it looks like maybe that’s what happened?

    It appeared as it should when it was in .com

    I didn’t make any code changes as I don’t know how to write code. When I created the list in .com I typed the names, then hit return. Are you saying that I need to delete all this and redo it in .org?

    I typed the names, then hit return. Are you saying that I need to delete all this and redo it in .org?

    Yes, that’s not an HTML list and it appears that your “formatting” is gone, unfortunately.

    You should use the list buttons to create HTML lists – that way, it creates a valid HTML list – you may not need to retype everything but in that case, you’d need to know enough about how HTML lists are constructed to correct it in the TEXT editor.

    This is a good site for that:

    Sorry I don’t know an easier way to fix this.

    Rats, but I gotta do what I gotta do!! Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your volunteering your time to assist.

    You’re welcome 🙂 – like I said, I really wish I had a quick and easier fix for you. It’s a nice site, BTW.

    One more thing…this is only the case because I migrated, correct? The lists appeared OK in .com when I just typed them in.

    I tried using the html code but no luck. What I got was the list with the code showing and it was in paragraph form as well.

    Totally baffled, marginally frustrated. I have tried so many different things with no luck. I have no idea how to write this code and/or where to write this code. I looked at the html writing link and it appeared simple enough; tried it but apparently wasn’t in the right place and have no idea where the right place is. I thought was a WYSWYG. Is there another solution?

    Aw, sorry, it is a bit of a learning curve. I’m actually wondering if there’s a better solution for what you are doing – one that would actually keep track of and organize this info/data for you.

    This is one really powerful plugin – so you might check it out:

    Or if you just want a list – how did you try that? Which editor?

    I’ll check out the plug in you suggest. In the meantime, here’s a link to a site that has a simple list (like I had on .com) and she does nothing more than copy/paste them into the page.

    I have talked with her and what she does isn’t working for mine.

    My concern is that there is a bigger problem. I should be able to type and/or copy/paste a simple list, then link it to pages without using a plug in.

    Those aren’t HTML lists either – but it’s certainly not mandatory that they be a list. But if you are trying to copy/paste from something like Word that isn’t a good idea at all – as that has all kinds of formatting that’s not compatible with websites (not just WP).

    Here’s another idea – try this plugin – which will give you more options in the visual editor (I’m assuming that’s where you are working) –

    And if you’re having difficulties with it, the developer is a really nice guy, so I’m sure he can help you with it.

    OK. I’ll work on this tomorrow. I really do appreciate your help.

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