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    i just installed your plugon and it is so convenient I wonder how I could do without up to now !!!

    There are just a few things I don’t get :

    I can’t get the lists to work. the shortcode is easy enough, so i supposed there must simply be some problems with the theme I am using, which might use the same words;
    i checked the ‘compatibility’ option, but then, all just disappeared, none of the shortcode is working any more…. So I don’t know what to do

    My second question is about tables, I don’t get it this time. if i just copy paste the code as it is, there is just written <table>…<table> on my post. i tried several solutions, writing the usual <tr><td> and so on, but to no avail. If you could just give me the full shortcode you wrote in the example, that would be great..

    thanks a lot for your work.

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  • Here’s the code for lists

    [gn_list style="arrow"]
    <li>list item 1</li>
    <li>list item 2</li>
    <li>list item 3</li>

    (with ‘arrow’ just being the type of icon used in list)

    Basic idea is this – make a list or a table in either visual editor or in html, and just put the plugin shortcodes before and after the item – put [gn_list style="arrow"] before the list and after it put [/gn_list]

    The same applies for tables – make a table and then enter [gn_table] before the table, and [/gn_table] after it.

    NOTE: add shortcodes in html, not in visual editor.
    “gn_” prefix is used since you checked compatibility option, if it was unchecked, the ‘gn_’ part would be omitted.

    Let me know if it works.

    Hello and thank you so much for your help!
    Sorry for the delay, but I was on holidays for a couple of weeks.

    All went well with the lists.

    As to the table, well I thought the shortcode would be easier to use, and I would not need to write all the html usual code to create one. This is not a problem for me although a bit long, but other people feed the website, and they cannot handle htlm and don’t want to learn, they need something really simple…

    So well never mind, they will have to manage without tables..

    Thanks for your plugin anyway, it is great..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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