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  • My content uses an ordered list to format the text. Tabs Shortcode adds a line break after each and every HTML tag, which makes the entire list double-spaced. How can I correct this? Here is the page source produced by Tabs Shortcode:

    <p>Product Advantages:</p><br />
    <ol><br />
    <li>Hosted products</li><br />
    <li>Central location</li><br />
    <li>Image hosting</li><br />
    </ol><br />

    Here’s how it looks onscreen:

    Product Advantages:

    1.Hosted products

    2.Central location

    3.Image hosting

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  • I found a partial solution. Remove the closing tags from the list items. This brings the numbered lines together but there is still an extra line break before the ol tag.

    The same problem occurs when using div tags. Every closing div tag has a line break after it, creating extra unwanted whitespace, especially noticeable with nested divs.

    2nd partial solution: On the WP page that contains that content, I removed the linefeed between Product Advantages and the numbered list so the entire thing is just one long ugly blob of text and tags. This removed the extra line break between the title and the list.

    There is still a problem with divs. The way it looks now is that a PHP function called nl2br (it changes newlines on your WP page to line breaks in the HTML code so that paragraphs have whitespace between them) incorrectly puts a line break after each and every closing div tag like this: </div> <br />. This gives you lots of unintended whitespace.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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