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    hello, I just started to use your wp smart property. I love it but after I create a listing, add the search widget and actually search, it says it can’t find any properties/posts every time. If i use the search function on the main site, the property is there. When I click it, it says it can’t be found. Please help. I can see it’s using the basic formatting of my template, which is great. Sorry, I am a novice and just starting to use wordpress.


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    Hi cvalerio.,

    Please check your theme file named as search.php. Is any custom code here? if yes please let me know.

    Please follow the step for creating search result page


    Hi again,
    The following is what the theme developer says about the search.php page and below that is the code from the page.

    “If you need to tweak the search template modify wp-content/themes/enfold/search.php and wp-content/themes/enfold/includes/loop-search.php. For detailed instructions contact the plugin author please because we can’t provide support for third party plugin implementations. You can use this plugin to maximize the search power of your website: SearchWP

    Refer to this link in order to integrate the plugin on ajax search: http://www.kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/use-searchwp-instead-of-the-standard-search/

    The code from searach.php:

    global $avia_config;

    * get_header is a basic wordpress function, used to retrieve the header.php file in your theme directory.

    $results = avia_which_archive();
    echo avia_title(array(‘title’ => $results ));

    <div class=’container_wrap container_wrap_first main_color <?php avia_layout_class( ‘main’ ); ?>’>

    <div class=’container’>

    <main class=’content template-search <?php avia_layout_class( ‘content’ ); ?> units’ <?php avia_markup_helper(array(‘context’ => ‘content’));?>>

    <div class=’page-heading-container clearfix’>
    <section class=”search_form_field”>
    echo “<h4>”.__(‘New Search’,’avia_framework’).”</h4>”;
    echo “<p>”.__(‘If you are not happy with the results below please do another search’,’avia_framework’).”</p>”;

    echo “<span class=’author-extra-border’></span>”;

    echo “<h4 class=’extra-mini-title widgettitle’>{$results}</h4>”;

    /* Run the loop to output the posts.
    * If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file
    * called loop-search.php and that will be used instead.
    $more = 0;
    get_template_part( ‘includes/loop’, ‘search’ );



    <!–end content–>


    //get the sidebar
    $avia_config[‘currently_viewing’] = ‘page’;



    </div><!–end container–>

    </div><!– close default .container_wrap element –>

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    Plugin Author Rajan V



    Just try another theme and let me know if you have same error

    The search works find with the 2012 theme. Is there something I can tell my theme’s support to get this working? I really like both your products. Wish I knew more about this…

    Plugin Author Rajan V


    Thankyou cvalerio.,

    give me your rating and feedback of my plugin. its very useful to develop my next update

    I am happy to provide you with feedback and rate the plugin. Is there something I can do to get this working on my paid for theme? I don’t want to use another theme.

    Plugin Author Rajan V


    Can you give me your url and theme name

    Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You can see the search function not working here: http://www.drproperties.org/test/?p=3981 and the theme name is Enfold. It just isn’t finding the properties through the search or even when I hit preview. I really like your software and want to use it.


    Plugin Author Rajan V


    Hi Colleen.,

    Its working. you need to be edit search result page design. functionally its working fine.

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