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    I notice on many WP blogs that the owner is able to list the number of Trackbacks and Comments at the end of each post seperately rather than have all of the trackbacks get counted as Comments. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just can’t believe they significantly altered their index.php tempate to do this.

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  • I’m sure this was the case in much earlier versions of WP (around 1.0.1), but I don’t have a copy any more, so I can’t verify it. Sorry !



    That plugin only seems to list the count of trackbacks, not the link to them seperately from comments.



    anybody else using this plugin? i used it on a test blog and it’s acting really weird. several trackbacked posts in another blog would show up as ‘counts’ but would all only show up on the FIRST post even if the first post was not the trackbacked entry. i hope that doesn’t sound too confusing. you can see it here:
    i hope someone can help!

    Did this ever get answered? I’d also like to list trackbacks separately from comments rather than having them all jumbled together. For an example see this page:
    The trackbacks are listed as a grouping above the comments which are another grouping. Anyone have an idea? Is the scriptygoddess out there to answer my question…

    Have you tried asking scriptygoddess? She is a very nice person and will be able to help you guys out.
    Please do not *bump* posts. If no one has answered, it is because no one knows the answer. I am sure there are a lot of people reading all the posts at these forums and a lot of those people want to help, if they know the answer 🙂
    *bump*ing is considered kinda rude ’round these parts, too. 🙂

    Hmm… strange. On another post somewhere in these boards, someone said to “bump” posts up if no one’s answered because they tend to get lost and maybe no one had a chance to see it. So far I’ve asked a few questions on this board and none of them have been answered. My feeling is that this message board is just unorganized and ineffective. I do searches for all my questions and have basically just found other posts with the same questions and very few actual answers to them.
    I like the program better than MT, but at this point I’m getting frustrated by the lack of help and ineffective resources to help me use it. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. There are a lot of people wanting to use the program but getting frustrated right off the bat by the lack of documentation and assistance.

    Telling people not to ‘bump’ seems unreasonable. This forum is so busy nowadays that posts can easily get lost. You can’t expect everyone to check the board every couple of hours.
    The truth is that the needs of the community outgrew this particular forum software some time ago, but a significant minority don’t like change 😉

    Another sidenote: is anyone else getting the effect where recent posts are now being listed as posted 5 hours ago rather than in the last few minutes? I imagine it is being done to make the board appear less overwhelmed. Clever.

    The answer from scriptygoddess, in case anyone else is looking for this:

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