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    Hi, I see that the main and sub categories display down the page in alphabetical order. Can you think of a way to make the posts also display in alphabetical order? I really need them to so users can readily locate the information on the site.

    Thanks much for any info or suggestions. Great plugin by the way 😀

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author fmarzocca


    The posts inside the categories are in order of date (newest first). Do you mean you would like them listed by title?

    Thanks for your response. No, I see that if displayed by Title the posts are alphabetical which works fine. I wanted to make them alphabetical under the Category display. Presently Category displays the posts by date either ascending or descending.

    Before I am done I will have hundreds of posts making it difficult for users to scan to the Category they need and find the Post (information) they are looking for. I can’t see them having to search thru 100s of posts for the one they need. Rather, if posts under the category are alphabetized, they can easily find what they seek. See what I mean? In my niche, users have to start with a category to get to the info they seek. I’m just trying to make it easier for them so my visitors aren’t hitting their Back button out of frustration.

    I suppose I could adjust the dates to make the posts run alphabetically if need be. Just thought I’d ask. I don’t think people are very concerned about the post date; they only want the information contained in the post.

    Plugin Author fmarzocca



    I will take care of this in a coming version. For the time being, it will be great if you could adjust post dates so that they are listed in the order you need.

    Ok, thanks so much for your time.


    One thing tho..

    When setting to display by Title, the text is jumbling up at the top around the dropdown selector. How can I remedy this? I never noticed it before, always listed by Category.

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    I don’t know. Something is conflicting in your theme’s css. This is not happening anywhere else…
    Tomorrow I’ll have a look at your site.

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    That makes no sense to me. If the css tells it align left, selecting options should not make any difference. If it’s aligned to the left for categories and author, why is title going out of whack? It has to be in the plugin code, not my theme. After all, the entire thing is under the shortcode which is in the plugin, dropdown and listings. I saw where .styled-select in ACT.css is set to float left. I tried putting clear:left and then clear:both instead of float:left and it does stop the text jumbling under Title but it oddly shifts the dropdown to the right middle of page, so I put it back float:left.

    So I made my own div class for the shortcode part and set it to clear:left. It didn’t work either mainly because my div class is outside of the shortcode and the problem exists inside it. My div aligns left but the dropdown doesn’t tho the listings do. That’s why I find it odd. It works fine under Category or Author, just not Title. Oh well, I’ll keep chipping at it. Thanks

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    Later today or tomorrow I will publish a new version fixing this issue on “by Title” list

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    Could you pls update to v.2.7.8 and let me know if the issue on “byTitle” page is resolved?

    Good morning, I updated to the latest version. It appears that the Title listing option is no longer jumbling up. However, the dropdown selector is now shifted to the page center. I decided to do away with the dropdown selector and just have it list by only Category so users can locate their information easier. It just simplifies things for my particular website. Should you decide to make it show the listings alphabetically, that’d be great for me. Too, I’m sure you’ll need to make the option available for others using the plugin who wish to list their posts by date. I’ll be fine until then.

    I wanted to say thank you for your efforts and prompt attention to this. I am impressed at how you immediately took action to find or even make a resolution for me. Such support is rare and I feels a true thanks is in order. I am grateful and you are appreciated.

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    Thank you, I appreciate your kind feedback.

    Consider that the Dropdown selector has to be considered only as a “place card” for users, who usually replace it with their preferred way of selection.

    As an example, look at this page, where the user installed a Tab plugin (Tabby Responsive Tabs) and splitted the lists on 3 separate pages:

    And yes, you are right, most users wans the posts listed by date so I have to add an option (you already have the option to show posts in reverse date order).

    Thanks, I looked at that website. That’s pretty neat how they did it. I think I’ll be alright for now tho. I look forward to your next improvements. Take it easy 😀

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