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  • I must be butchering something obvious, but after too many hours trying to sort this out, I’m asking for help. I want to list all of the posts tagged with “essex-farm” at the end of a page according the the following:

    [catlist tag=”essex-farm” orderby=date order=desc date=no excerpt=yes excerpt_size=30 numberposts=10]

    WP is recognizing the shortcode and responding correctly to the parameters EXCEPT for one critical one, the ID. I’ve wondered if it was a tag issue? Or a Genesis theme issue?

    All feedback welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  • Since there’s been no response I assume that either 1. I stumped everybody, or 2. I didn’t explain very well. The problem is that I’m getting ten posts but they are just the most recent posts, not restricted by the tag “essex-farm”. I’ve tried using different tags, using tag ID instead of name, etc. but no luck. Any idea(s) what’s going on? Thanks.

    You have to use “tags” no tag is wrong the faq… I changed mine to:
    [catlist tags=”Philips” numberposts=2 thumbnail=yes thumbnail_size=thumbnail]
    and works well!

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