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Listing all custom taxonomy terms with an image (7 posts)

  1. devball
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm trying to get all child terms of a custom taxonomy term and display them with their image, or without image if it's not set.

    For example: I have a custom post: Product and custom taxonomy Product Categories. Product Categories are setup like this:


    Using above example, I would like to get all the categories that are child of Books and list them along with their thumbnail image.

    Here's the code I'm using:

    $args = array(
            'type'                     => 'post',
            'child_of'                 => $category_id,
            'parent'                   => '',
            'orderby'                  => 'name',
            'order'                    => 'ASC',
            'hide_empty'               => 0,
            'hierarchical'             => 1,
            'exclude'                  => '',
            'include'                  => '',
            'number'                   => '',
            'taxonomy'                 => 'category',
            'pad_counts'               => false
    $terms = apply_filters( 'taxonomy-images-get-terms', $args );

    Above is what I'm using to get the list of terms, but it only displays those with an image and excludes the ones without images. Is there a way I can get the entire list?

    Is there a better way to achieve what I'm trying to do?


  2. erin814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm trying to do the same thing but can't seem to get it to work. I would like to display all of the subcategories as a grid of images. This is for a custom taxonomy type also. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  3. erin814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Here's the code I have so far to display the subcategories:

    $taxonomy_term = get_term_by( 'slug', get_query_var( 'term' ), get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) );
    if ($taxonomy_term->parent == 0) :  ?>
    <ul class="product-subcategories">
        <?php wp_list_categories('taxonomy=product-category&depth=1&show_count=0&title_li=&child_of=' . $term->term_id); ?>
  4. erin814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just wanted to share how I did this in case anyone else is looking. I am showing the subcategories as a grid of images using the Taxonomy Images plugin.

    First, I'm checking to see if there are any children for the current term, and then I display them as list items with images. Then if there aren't any children, it will display a list of my custom post type (I won't paste that part here because it will be long).

    Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it worked for me.

    <?php $term = get_term_by( 'slug', get_query_var( 'term' ), get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) ); ?>
    <?php $termchildren = get_term_children( $term->term_taxonomy_id, 'product-category' ); ?>
    <div class="content-wrap <?php echo $layout; ?>">
        <div class="container">
    	    <div id="main" role="main">
    	<h2 class="category-title"><?php echo $term->name; ?></h2>
    <?php /*  If there are child categories, let's display them */ ?>
    <?php if(!($termchildren == null)):  ?>
    	$args = array(
    	'taxonomy' => 'product-category',
    	$terms = apply_filters('taxonomy-images-get-terms', '', $args);
    		print "\n" . '<ul class="product-subcategories">';
    		foreach($terms as  $_term) {
    			if($term->term_taxonomy_id == $_term->parent) {
    				print "\n" . '<li>';
    				print "\n\t" . '<a href="' . esc_url( get_term_link( $_term, $_term->taxonomy ) ) . '">' . wp_get_attachment_image( $_term->image_id, 'thumbnail' );
    				print "\n\t" . '<span class="category-name">' . esc_html( $_term->name ) . '</span>';
    				print "\n" . '</a></li>';
    		print "\n" . '</ul>';
    <?php else :?>
    <?php // list all the individual products ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
  5. erin814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just as an update, I realized that term_taxonomy_id is not the correct database field to query. All of those should be changed to term_id

    $term->term_taxonomy_id changed to $term->term_id

  6. berteh
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If I understood your point I propose some way to list all (custom taxonomy) terms associated to a post in http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-avoid-warning-notice-taxonomy-does-not-have-image-support?replies=1 ... showing the image when one is associated, and a textual link when no image is associated.

    ... just in case you're interested ;)

  7. erin814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you, I'll give yours a try. I had the same thought that it would be better to show text when no image is associated to avoid any confusion but wasn't sure how to do it. So thank you!


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