list_authors, wp_list_authors, the_author_posts_link return 1 URI for 2+ authors (1 post)

  1. cinemaminima
    Posted 11 years ago #

    list_authors, wp_list_authors(), and the_author_posts_link(), return URIs in the form
    www.example.com/author/<author first name>/

    This is a problem when two authors have the same first name! -- here is an example (two "Jordans").

    Changing the parameter values has no effect on the URI which is returned.

    Please, would some one please tell how to fix this, or get around it?

    For the the tag the_author_posts_link(), which runs within The Loop, I have substituted
    <a href="/index.php?author=<?php the_author_ID(); ?>">More
    stories posted by <?php the_author('namefl'); ?></a>

    which works OK, but I am not sure how to accomplish the same sort of workaround for creating a list of authors, outside The Loop (say, in the Sidebar or on the page after The Loop.

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