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List View - Dates Out of Order & Time is off (6 posts)

  1. mcarpenter2004
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I have a couple of issues.

    1) The first, just seemed to start recently. When I view my next 5 events (a feed I have set up), It starts with tomorrow's date, then throw's in today's events at the bottom of that feed. What can I do to fix this?

    2) Also, in that same feed, the time seems to be off. I have it set to start getting events starting "now" in the settings, however it is missing a couple of events that haven't started yet. I can't quite figure out how far ahead it is setting the "now" time.

    Help please!

    The calendar can be viewed at: http://www.fbcob.org/wordpress/calendar/


  2. mcarpenter2004
    Posted 12 months ago #

    Is there anyone else with this issue?

  3. Ross Hanney
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 12 months ago #


    Apologies, I must have missed this thread.

    Could you let me know the feed URL you're using?

  4. mcarpenter2004
    Posted 12 months ago #


    And here are my event display builder settings:

    <div class="gce-list-event gce-tooltip-event">[event-title]</div>
    <p><span>Days:</span> [start-date] - [end-date offset="-1"]</p>
    <p><span>Time:</span> All day</p>
    <div><span>Starts:</span> [start-time]</div>
    <div><span>Ends:</span> [end-time]</div>
    [if-location]<div><span>Location:</span> [location]</div>[/if-location]
    [if-description]<div><span>Description:</span> [description]</div>[/if-description]
    <div>[link newwindow="true"]Google Calendar[/link]</div>

  5. mcarpenter2004
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Have you been able to figure out what the problem might be?

  6. Ross Hanney
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 11 months ago #


    Apologies (again) for the delayed reply.

    Things seem to be displaying in the correct order on your site at the moment. I'm not sure why they'd appear in an incorrect order, to be honest, but let me know if it happens again.

    There is a timezone related bug in the current release (0.7.2), which might be affecting the calculation of "now". It should be fixed in the development version, though.

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