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  • Hi, I’m trying to list users on different pages. They need to sort by last name, A-Z. The list should be limited to users of a specific category, say, contributors, or featured_artist (one of several custom roles I set up with the “user role editor” plugin).
    I’ve tried a few different plugins, searched dozens of forums, but none seems to do everything I need. I’m guessing my code will look like:

    global $wpdb;
    $users = $wpdb->get_results("INSERT MYSQL VOODOO HERE");
    foreach ($users as $userid) {
    $user = get_firstname($userid);
    $author_posts_url = get_author_posts_url($user->ID);
    echo '<a href="' . $author_posts_url . '">' . ' ' . $avatar. ' ' . $user->user_firstname . ' ' . $user->user_lastname . '</a>';

    Bonus would be if I could get them to spill across 4 vertical columns. Bonus 2 is I design you a custom admin icon for the plugin of your choice if you can help me out!

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  • OK, I’m almost there. I have

    $roles = array('artist', 'featured_artist');
    /* Loop through users to search for the admin and editor users. */
    foreach( $roles as $role ){
      	// all users with admin or editor role
    	if($role == 'artist' || $role == 'featured_artist') {
    		$this_role = "'[[:<:]]".$role."[[:>:]]'";
    	  	$query = "SELECT * FROM $wpdb->users WHERE ID = ANY (SELECT user_id FROM $wpdb->usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'wp_capabilities' AND meta_value RLIKE $this_role) ORDER BY user_nicename ASC LIMIT 10000";
    	  	$users_of_this_role = $wpdb->get_results($query);
    	  	if ($users_of_this_role){
    	    	foreach($users_of_this_role as $user){
    		    	$curuser = get_userdata($user->ID);
    		    	$avatar = get_avatar($user);
    		      	$author_post_url=get_author_posts_url($curuser->ID, $curuser->nicename);
    				echo '<ul class="author">';
    				echo $avatar.'<li><a href="' . $author_post_url . '" title="' .$curuser->display_name.'">' . $curuser->display_name . '</a></li>' . "\n";
    				echo '</ul>';

    and I need to sort that by author lastname.


    I’m trying to do exactly this. I already figured out pretty much everything you have so far, just trying to get it sorted by lastname. Have you figured that out? Anyone else?


    The part of the code that says

    ORDER BY user_nicename ASC

    means sort by the field called user_nicename in ascending order.

    If it was changed to …

    ORDER BY lastname ASC

    …it might do what you’re wanting.

    thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t work either. It turns out it has to do with the users versus usermeta arrays. I actually got it to work with this code:

    function contributors() {
    	global $wpdb;
    	$authors = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT user_id from $wpdb->usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'last_name' ORDER BY meta_value");
    	foreach ($authors as $author ) {
    	$user = new WP_User($author->user_id);
    	if ($user->has_cap('edit_published_posts')) {
    		echo "<div class=\"author_info\"><div class=\"author_pic\">";
    		echo "<a href=\"".get_bloginfo('url')."/author/";
    		the_author_meta('user_nicename', $author->user_id);
    		echo "/\">";
    		echo get_avatar($author->user_id,$size='65');
    		echo "</a></div>";
    		echo "<div class=\"author_title\">";
    		echo "<h3><a href=\"".get_bloginfo('url')."/author/";
    		the_author_meta('user_nicename', $author->user_id);
    		echo "/\">";
    		the_author_meta('display_name', $author->user_id);
    		echo "</h3>";
    		echo "<h4>";
    		the_author_meta('title', $author->user_id);
    		echo "</a></h4></div></div>";

    I am glad you got it work, and thankful you posted your solution!

    I need to do something similar, so I hope this saves me a few steps.

    I have decided to use “users.php” instead. I am using the s2Member plugin, and its “” affects the normal Users Search (among its other duties). I was able to tweak it so that the normal Users Search now also searches the first_name and last_name in the usermeta table.

    Now my “Users Search” is almost exactly what I need it to be. The last thing I must tackle is getting the Users Search to be sorted (ordered) by usermeta.last_name Anyone know any way to get that done? 🙂

    and if one wanted to limit the amounts per page?

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