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List thumbnails only on category page

  • Hello,

    In CMS Press I made a custom post type ‘t-shirt’ with “Featured image” field and few taxonomies e.g. ‘cat’ (category). My question is how can I made a listing of ‘cat’ taxonomy (e.g. ‘movies’) so that ONLY “Featured images” will be displayed (no title nor anything else) 4 in a row exactly like here? And so that these “Featured images” (thumbnails) would link to custom post types ‘t-shirt’ associated with them.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Ok, I found out that “Featured image” field added through CMS Press has option to associate a link to image. So my question is how to made a listing loop to get visual effect like here – 4 images in a row without any text.

    Here someone made a lot more complex and difficult loop. I will try to figure out how to adapt it to my project, but since I don’t know anything about PHP yet, it will take long time. If any of You is familiar with PHP and have few minutes to help, I would be very grateful. I want to list all posts from category without pagination, all of my thumbnails have fixed size.


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