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  • You can give it a try…

    Just keep in mind that the search for it will work with fields in the users table. So things from usermeta, e.g. custom profile fields, are yet not included.

    Directory fields mapping to pro forms either in registration or re-login my account.

    Please forgive me if this is a bump but it feels like the conclusion is inline.

    I would like the registration form fields to map to “other form” fields. I have found some forms that allow for short code.

    For example, if I customize the “s2member” registration form and insert a field name “Business Name” (business_name_code)how do I use this code to map to the gravity form “Business Name” field when a user is logged in?

    Similarly, using the “Business Name” as an example, say that I also want the Business Directory “Business Name Field to populate with the s@member “Business Name” Field.

    In other words, please be specific in your help, could you post an example of what “step” may be taken and take little steps please?

    Kind regards,

    Talking over the head and vague response just add to frustrations but are of no real use… and we know how professional you are in providing professional responses and we thank you.

    Sorry, s2Member doesn’t include that feature. I’m adding it to our feature requests list, though. If you have examples where I can see that feature (e.g. another plugin, a tutorial), that’d be helpful. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    Great! That would be so hot! Cool! Great!

    I guess my next question regarding this would be for me to put to the test “their” claim that I can use “someone’s” short code.

    Here is the question Cristian. In the above hypothetical using the s2member added fields code “business_name_code” is there a “corresponding” wp_usermeta table.

    Here is the reply that I received when asking the question to the form publisher.

    “…but I am only guessing that the s2member registration field will populate the “our form” with the Business Name field when a user that has already registered has logged in and goes to use the form.

    That’s correct. The user needs to be registered and have that data stored in the profile. The parameter name for dynamic population needs to match exactly the parameter name that is stored in the wp_usermeta table. See if it is “business_name” without the %% around it. That looks like it’s more for use in a template”

    So, with this information I am assuming that the s2member “Custom Registration/Profile Fields have such a corresponding wp_usermeta association? I hope I am formulating this idea / concept correctly.

    If so, then I need to identify what these wp_usermeta codes/names are so that I can dynamically link the data to the forms. This way when a registered user logs in to get a quote all the data is pre filled in “fields of my choice” as I see fit.

    Now, if this is the case the question becomes… or the idea is to have a short registration form initially. (step 1), Then after the “new user registrant” confirms their email address to be redirected to their “long list business user profile” where the Business Name and other profile information can be collected and thus the user profile updated.

    If I am correct in this process thus far..then here also is where I am lost.

    I have not got my mind wrapped around how after the initial user registration in (step 1) is “developed” to take the person to “their profile” account to compete the registration process…

    I am praying that I can get a handle on this… thanks Cristian.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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