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    OK basically all I want on my front page, is a list of 5 or so posts per category on my mainpage. So effectively instead of a blog like layout, it has seperate sections that look like blog posts but which have the titles of the most recent posts in a category.

    If someone could give me the code to list recent posts like it shows in the sidebar it would be much appreciated then I will figure the rest out myself. I have tried searching for this but to no

    I have a bit of experience in HTML and CSS but wordpress is completely new to me!

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  • I think I’ve got it sorted now. But how can I make a half size boxes on the page. So I can have two different category posts side by side on the page.

    My code at the moment is:

    <div class="post" id="post">
                <legend class='title'>
                    <a href="#" rel="bookmark"
                        title="#">Recent Posts</a>
                <div class="entry">
                    <?php c2c_get_recent_posts(5,"<li>%post_URL%<br />%post_excerpt%<br />%post_date% - %comments_fancy_URL%</li>"); ?>
                <br />
                <div class="postmetadata" style='opacity: 0.3;' onMouseOver=' = 1.0;' onMouseOut=' = 0.3;'>
    <span id='commentlink' class='capsule'>
                    <a href="#">Read More</a>

    Which takes up the whole width of the page with the post, I’ve been experimenting with CSS classes with width 50% but nothing seems to change. Any tips?

    this is just a css layout issue
    my tips is just to browse css tutorial site and get a grip on how css behave, site like might be a good start.

    If you want a shortcut just go to there’s a lot of boxes for you to dissect 😀

    hope it helps 😀

    Cheers. Don’t know why I had such an issue with it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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