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  • I currently use custom fields to store the author of articles on our university paper’s website.. Basically as the articles are uploaded by a number of sub editors but not usually the writer of the article we use a custom field to enter the author name.

    What I would like is a list of each of the writers and a list of all the posts they have made.

    So ideally I could have a page – “writers”. I don’t mind manually listing each writer and making a seperate call for each writer if this makes it easier – but I need some way of getting titles of all the posts with a specific custom field value..


    Writer Name 1:
    list all posts by writer name 1.

    Writer Name 2:
    list all posts by writer name 2.

    etc.. seems to be doing a pretty similar thing – but not sure what the final solution is.. I basically need help querying the post meta table to give me the list of posts for a writer..

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  • no one know? I’ll have to have a play with it myself but go knows how I’ll do it.

    This should be possible… I’m trying something similar, well, exactly the same except for me the custom field is the singer instead of the writer. This blog just has 3 singers associated, 1 with every post. I would like 3 nice lists of who sings what. Same idea.

    Thinking of using Get Custom Fields, but it calls the contents of the custom field itself, not the headline of the post which has a custom field value that I specify (such as Singer 1). So this plugin will give me a list that looks like Singer 1, Singer 3, Singer 1, Singer 1, Singer 2…. but it won’t give me Singer 1: Song 1, Song 5, Song 7. So far.

    Seems this is a common support question.

    One solution to this problem can be found here:

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