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  1. tkhobbes
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi all

    Following scenario: I have one category that has several subcategories (there might be added more subcategories over time). Now, whenever one of the following is displayed, I want the usual "categories" list in the sidebar to be replaced with a list of all these subcategories (and no other categories):
    - a post that is within one of these subcategories
    - lists of all posts within one of these subcategories

    So, I assume that I somehow have to get the category of the current post being displayed (or the category of the category-page being displayed) - then, I have to check whether it has a parent category, and if so, whether this parent-category is the category in question. Then, I'd use something like wp_list_categories('child_of=3')

    I do not manage to
    a) get the category of the post being displayed currently OUTSIDE of the loop
    b) get the category of the category list, if such a list is displayed
    c) check what is the parent-category of the category I got in step a or b.

    Can someone help?


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