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  • LaughingLizard had this counter/tracker of WP weblogs. He sent me the code and now it is up and running at
    Please stop by and add your blog to the list if you so desire.
    The list is updated a few times a day by a script that scans and adds the new WP blogs that have pinged within the last hour or so.
    Thanks LL, you rock!

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  • I’ve got some data you could work with, drop me an email.

    PJ Brunet


    That’s a cool script–now I know what version I’m using. LOL

    You can look up your source and look under metatags under “generator”. It should say something like WordPress version X.

    but that way is more fun!! :-p

    cuz it’s more involved! :-p
    and you get to see other people’s too

    Oh, that way, I see!
    /me pets Lilandra with some chocolate :]


    The script does look at the meta tag before determining the version of WordPress.

    Surprising to see how many people are still on .72…

    i didn’t input my version just now ..
    so are you saying that it checks it once and then not again?

    I love this blog (from the list): — WordPress 1.0
    Damn man, getting so excited! lol

    I’m not very surprised by the number of 0.72 still around. People who have been using and modifying their WP for a while may not feel like installing new files over theirs. I’m waiting for 1.2 before I modify things if needed, but after then I may keep the same version running for long.

    allusion: mailed you.
    Updating the version number is not so difficult, but not updating it keeps the crawler fast 🙂
    It needs a lot of work, for one, it is an un-styled page, and there is no search function, but then all that’s fine, as long as the list is good.
    Max-T, well, if someone pings with a local address, that gets added too. I guess that shows that a few people have local installs on their PCs or LANs.

    2fargon, interesting that the script counts how many blogs there are using several different tools, like TypePad. How many would there be of types like MovableType and Greymatter?

    MovableType and Greymatter do not send out a “Generator” meta tag.
    It does not count the livejournal blogs, ’cause we don’t regard them as blogs now, do we? 😉

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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