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    Hi folks,

    This is probably my 4th forum question with absolutely no responses, so I’m a brute for punishment. Hahaha.

    Anyway, I could never get permalinks working on my local dev. environment until I upgraded to Apache 2.x. Now I’m looking for a Web Host and notice so many recommended here and elsewhere are using Apache 1.3. I want to ensure that I can use category structure permalinks like /%category%/%postname%/

    I thought I’d go with HostGator but haven’t received an answer from them on this. Is there a list of the Web Hosts that support WordPress and category permalinks? If not, maybe we should create one. Please add your Web Host if it supports category permalinks. Thanks.

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  • Category Permalinks are a simple change to the .htaccess on your host.

    So, as long as a host supports PHP, MySQL and .htaccess there should be no problem with it.

    I believe that HostGator has no issues with this at all.

    Thanks for the reply, Cornell. Much appreciated. I’d feel a lot better if someone who uses category permalinks on HostGator could confirm though. I’ll keep looking for an answer from HostGator and post back the answer. Thanks again.

    Anyone else? Surely someone is using WordPress category permalinks on HostGator?




    bullrat, whats your domain name of the site on hostgator?

    If HostGator supports mod_rewrite and AllowOverrides, then it will work. If *any* pretty permalinks work on your site, then it will work. There’s nothing special about your permalink structure.

    whoami, I don’t have an account with HostGator yet — my site is still on my local dev. environment. I’m looking for a Web Host and considering HostGator *IF* I can use a category structure permalinks with their shared hosting plans. Thanks.

    Otto42, the reason I’m asking is question is because I previously had Apache 1.3 (same as HostGator) on my local dev. environment and permalinks refused to work until I upgraded to Apache 2.x. And I used mod_rewrite and AllowOverrides but still no go until Apache 2.

    And there are posts on these forums that say category permalinks will *not* work unless greater than Apache 2.x. So I’m trying to confirm if category permalinks actually work using HostGator since they use Apache 1.3 and not Apache 2.x. Thanks.




    And there are posts on these forums that say category permalinks will *not* work unless greater than Apache 2.x.

    I dont know where you got that from — I use category permalinks on two of my own sites, and I am not using Apache 2 — on either host

    I didn’t re-lookup the forum posts I referenced, but yeah, others are having trouble using Apache 1.3 and category permalinks, too. Even the WordPress permalinks page says this…

    %category% does not work correctly with some implementations of mod_rewrite in Apache versions prior to version 2. If you are using Apache 1 and experience problems with using %category%, either do not use %category% in your permalink structure, or refer to Schlueterica’s plugin.

    If HostGator works with no problems with category permalinks and no plugin is needed, then I’d be a happy camper and will sign up for an account. There are a lot of people who use category permalinks and a lot of people who use HostGator — so hoping someone that does both can confirm if category permalinks work at HostGator. Thanks.

    I had a reseller on Hostgator with a lot of WP. They are good. But so are A Small Orange 🙂

    Even the WordPress permalinks page says this…

    Ahh… That may not be relevant anymore.

    WordPress, prior to version 2.0, modified the .htaccess to do its rewriting. That is, you’d get RewriteRule entries automatically added to the .htaccess for every post and such.

    Since 2.0, WordPress does its rewrites internally. The .htaccess gets an entry that redirects everything to WordPress, and then WordPress itself figures out what you’re asking for. The problem with “greedy” rewrites is solved because *all* rewrites are 100% greedy. Everything gets redirected to WordPress’s main index.php file and then WordPress parses the URL itself.

    So that plugin and that entry in the codex is no longer relevant. Your category permalinks should work regardless of Apache 1.3 or 2.0.

    But don’t take my word for it. Set up Apache 1.3 on your own machine and setup a copy of WordPress 2 on that. See if it works.

    And when you read forum posts talking about issues, make sure they’re recent posts. I don’t see any newer than 2 years talking about this sort of issue.

    Otto42, I’ve already mentioned twice that I have tried. I don’t know how to be any plainer. And please please forgive me for referencing outdated info on a WordPress page, I mean, it’s so rare to find outdated info on WordPress pages, what are the odds, right? Goodbye, folks.

    bullrat: You say that you tried it and it doesn’t work, but you continually to fail to give any details. Just saying that it doesn’t work over and over is not helpful.

    I have Apache 1.3 installed on my own machine, and I just now setup WordPress with the permalinks as you suggested. It seems to work here on my test setup.

    So, the question is, what is the difference? I dunno. I can’t help you with a problem that I cannot reproduce and have no real details about.

    Otto42, I didn’t request anyone to troubleshoot my local system as to why I couldn’t get permalinks working on Apache 1.3, so I don’t know why you’re hung up on that. I simply inquired if anyone knew if HostGator supported category permalinks. I’m glad it worked fine for you.

    To anyone reading this thread at some future date — and are actually interested in the original question — HostGator emailed me claiming they do support category permalinks with WordPress. So woot to one and all. I think I’ll try them. Thank you one and all and goodbye.

    I simply inquired if anyone knew if HostGator supported category permalinks.

    And you got an answer for that. If they support mod_rewrite and AllowOverrides, then the answer is yes, they do.

    However, you’re claiming that that is not enough without then actually attempting to support that claim.

    In other words, your question doesn’t make any sense. “Category Permalinks” are not any different than any other permalinks.

    If you’re going to say something and then not back it up, expect to get called out on it. We don’t want people posting misinformation in these forums. Okay?

    I hate to dig this up again, but I’m running into problems with category permalinks and I’m on Host Gator. I’ll contact Tech Support and find out more details.

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