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  • Hi,
    I converted my site from postnuke to wordpress a couple of weeks ago and google has not indexed the site since (April 3). Has anybody had similar problems that they’ve fixed? What might be the reason this has happened? How should I further investigate?

    I’m using google site maps plugin.
    I have privacy turned off in options
    I’m using custom permalinks
    My htaccess doesn’t appear to be causing the problem.
    My robots.txt doesn’t seem to be causing the problem.

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  • Everything I see as well looks like it’s fine except for this:

    <link rel="home" title="home" href="http://localhost/dd/" >

    I’m wondering if it’s causing the issue.

    I don’t see you being indexed in MSN either.

    I really hope that was the source of my problems. I’m pulling my hair out.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Have you checked the Google Webmaster tools and verified your site and then looked to see why you’re not being indexed?

    Don’t ask us why Google is ignoring you until you use Google’s tools to find out for yourself.

    Thanks Otto.
    Yes, I have done that. They can get to all my folders just fine when I test it against the robots.txt

    The only errors reported on my webmaster tools are 404s referencing the postnuke installation. The webmaster tools says I haven’t been indexed since april 3rd. That would fix the 404’s. I’m just trying to find out why I haven’t been indexed since April 3 (the switch over). I hope that drmike’s suggestion fixes it.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Are you sending Google a sitemap? Do you have any links to your new pages on other sites?

    Google finds pages by following links from other pages. If you changed your pages around, and there are no links to them, then Google doesn’t know about them. A sitemap can be helpful in pointing out to google where your pages are.

    Yeah, I’ve used the plugin to create it and to ping google.
    I’ve also gone to webmaster tools and resubmitted. When I do this, it verify’s the sitemap as okay, but it doen’t update the “Last Crawled Date”.

    Also, many of my pages are the same from the switchover. I was able to keep the same structure so there are plenty of valid links still out there.

    Can you check to see how many 404s you have since then?

    Also, many of my pages are the same from the switchover…

    Perhaps use .htaccess to permanently redirect all old URIs to the new ones, keeping all existing links to any page on your site working properly. That will keep all your visitors happy and the search engines would eventually learn the new URIs and start using them.

    Google’s error report in webmaster tools tells me I have 774 404’s. This is largely because of the way permalinks were setup in postnuke before I converted to wordpress. When planning the switch, I didn’t realize that any post from my old site could be reached by /articles/postid/ (even if it wasn’t in the articles category). This is because we had permalinks setup something like this /news/postid/ or /devotions/postid/.

    Humans were linking to /news/postid while google was indexing /articles/postid/. So, in my transition, I mapped using the /devotions/postid/ format and so every devotion on my new wordpress site is a 404 now according to google (because /articles/postid/ will no longer reach my /devotions/postid/ like it did in the past.

    Here’s the kicker, I have a category called articles in my new blog (/articles/postid/), so right now, google gives me a 404 for anything not listed in my “articles” category.

    I wasn’t sweating it too much because I assumed google would rebuild my site index… but it apparently hasn’t graced my site with its presence since April 3. I’m currently trying to figure out why not.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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