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  1. greenmile06
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    Well, I am new to wordpress, and trying to do something. I have a site where I want to dedicate to every user a page (hopefully will be able to do this by using the role scoper plugin). They will be organized as groups and subgroups of members (pages), so at the end I want to have a page, where to show a collapsible list of these pages, so when someone is interested in a group, to be able to click on that group, and see all elements (sub-pages)of that group. And more over, it would be even better if I could put this list of pages in three columns ... or 2 columns ... anyway, my idea came from here: http://jphang.com/ ... it is something really good what he did there, but have no clue how he did it.

    I sow different plugins working with page lists ... but some of them were for widgets (and do not want this to be in my sidebar) or for the dashboard. So ... could there be some help please? ... thanks.

    ahh, and also I am using suffusion theme, so as an idea, I could use one plugin that offers a widget, and put it in the widget area below header ... but still it cannot be cut into 2, 3 or more columns .. it remains in one column.

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