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  • ‘<?php list_authors(FALSE, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE); ?>’

    This list works perfectly on my blog, but only those who ahve already posted can be clicked. I am starting this project-page and I subscribed all the users already to the blog. I want them to click on each others name to see the profile.
    How can I manage to have them clickable whether they posted or not?
    Thanks a lot.

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  • The third parameter is “hide empty” – and you set it to TRUE. So, what do you expect?
    Read! >

    Thanks, I read this already.
    hm… from your link I copied my example because it seems to match my needs:
    “Displays the site’s authors without displaying the number of posts, does not exclude the admin, shows the full name of the authors, and does not hide authors with no posts. It does not display the RSS feed or image.

    <?php list_authors(FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE); ?>”

    And according to the documentation it should be the 4th parameter not the 3rd – and it IS on false.

    So I put all on false not to macke anything wrong and still only the ones who posted are linked to their profile page.

    BTW: it is the same with:
    ‘ <?php wp_list_authors(‘show_fullname=1&optioncount=1&hide_empty=0′); ?>’
    BUT moshu: we both overread from different views: there is nothing promised to give a LINK.

    So how can I manage them all to be linked to their profiles? And why are there no profiles available unless someone has posted something?
    Thank you.

    The intent of the template tag, wp_list_authors(), is to display a link to access the posts of a given user (author). Because of that, users with no posts are not presented as a link because there is nothing to link to.

    You might look at the following thread if you want to create a user links to something else:

    Thank you . I know this post. But how can I get access to the users profile like in <?php list_authors(FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE); ?>”
    I dont care about the posts (its ok if they are there).
    I want the user profile to be displayed.

    I suppose you suggest I should add “something else” – but there does not seem to be a possibility to show the users *profile*. – what do you suggest I should put in
    <a>user_url . '">' instead of user_url to show the same info that is displayed with “list_authors”? This page would be just perfect for me – just tell me please how to get it via your suggested way.
    Thank you very much.

    Then take a look at the Including Profile Information section of Author Templates.

    And just for information sake:
    Take a look at Kaf’s plugin:

    and Kaf’s all authors template:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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