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  • I am finding that wp_list_authors() is not working for me for listing my authors the way I want. I want to display the “display_name” for each author, but I want the list to be sorted by the author’s last names in alphabetical order.

    I have a website in development at . You can see the right-hand sidebar has a list of authors in it, that links to the author page.

    If I use wp_list_authors(), the list is displayed with the “display_name,” which is what I want. BUT, it is displayed in alphabetical order BY display_name, which is not what I want.

    If I use the KNR Author List widget, the list is in the correct alphabetical order, BUT the display is “first_name” “last_name,” which is not what I want (the “display_name” often includes more than just the person’s name, for instance the company she works for).

    I’d be so appreciative of assistance here, this is outside of my WP depth, to create a list of authors in the order I want displaying the author name the way I want.

    Thanks for your help!

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