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    I am testing your plugin into my woocommerce and maybe I am doing something in the wrong way.

    I have created a list of code and than I have imported into this list 12 codes.
    Than I created a product, I flagged it as a virtual product and than I select the list I created before as “code list for sale restriction”.

    After this configuration I did a purchase simulation, but I noticed two things:

    1) All the codes that I imported into the main list are still “green” while I suppose that one of them must become “red”.

    2) The code was not present into the confirm email send after the purchase to the costumer.

    Have I commit an error during the configuration?

    Thank You very much

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  • Plugin Author sasonikolov


    Hello Filippo

    I am not sure, what you tried to achieve.
    The steps you described are for the purchase restriction.
    This means you can prevent people from buying the product without having a “buying-allowed” code.

    If you want to add a serial code to your product, then please use the dropdown on the product for serial code list.

    In order to activate the restriction, you need also to activate this feature in the options within the Serial Code Admin Area.
    There is a section “Woocommerce restrict product sale without serial code”, where you can activate it and set also some additional options for it.

    If you want to prevent the buying-allowance code (restriction code) to be used only once, then you need also to activate the One Time Usage for registering a code.
    For now it is coupled with this options. We could also decouple it, but for now nobody wanted this.


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