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    I looked for this, but had no luck.

    I am trying to make a static page that will list all my blog entries by title, not the post itself; only the title.
    If possible, I would like it to have to latest post on the top and then descending by dato of posting. It should not take into account the categories, just the entire thing.

    Date/post title
    Date/post title
    Date/post title …and so on

    Of course the title should link to the original post. Would anyone know you to implement this?

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  • This plugin might be close to what you want:
    (a personal note: the solution is nice if you have only a few posts; recently I helped to migrate a blog to WP and they had almost 8,000 posts, so this kind of display would have been suicidal 🙂

    Thanks a bunch, that was just what I was looking for. My mother emailed me, telling me that she had problems keeping track of all the posts, this should make it a bit easier to find older ones.

    Took me a minute or two to figure out that I needed to get the “runPHP” plugin since I was calling the function from a page and then another five minutes to notice that I needed to tick of the option for PHP on the page in the little box thingy.

    This is acctualy pretty neat as long as you don’t have too many posts, I can see that something like 8000 posts might make this worse – but so far I’m only up to something like 250.

    Thanks again!

    ooops, double post

    Question: what do you think is an upper post limit at which this plugin no longer is feasible?

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