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  • Hi Scribu, here’s a challenge for you:

    I have a custom post type (Companies) that is connected to two other custom post types (call them “Apples” and “Bananas”).

    What I’d like to do on a Page is list out ALL companies and then show how many Apples and how many Bananas are connected to each one, in descending order, e.g.:

    Company A
    Apples: 47
    Bananas: 58
    Total: 105

    Company B
    Apples: 43
    Bananas: 52
    Total: 95

    And so on … and then eventually I’d like to restrict the list by time period, e.g., show me the list of connections from the past 90 days, 180 days, etc.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


    – Frank

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