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    Hi Paul – thanks for the ongoing development and support of your Amazon Link plugin.

    I’m trying to accomplish (what I think) should be a fairly easy task: list all books by a particular author on a page. I’d like the output to include the title, thumbnail image, price, etc. This particular author (we’ll call him John Doe) has about 30 titles on Amazon, some of them are hard copy publications, others electronic (i.e. in the Kindle section).

    I’ve been able to successfully search by author name through the interface. What I’m confused by is whether I need to “insert” these 30 link results individually on the page, or if I can formulate a single shortcode that will accomplish the search function and return the desired output.

    Many thanks –

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    I’m afraid the plugin currently doesn’t support live searches directly, you could probably put together some PHP code to do what you want, but it would slow your page load times. Have a look at this forum post for an example of how to do this:

    What you can do with the plugin is put all the ASIN’s into a single link. On the search tool for each item you want to add simply hit the ‘+’ button to add the item to the list of ASINs at the top of the tool, when you have finished hit the ‘Insert Link’ button next to the list of ASINs to create a link that will show all the items in one go.

    You must have enabled the cache to support showing a large number of products on a single page as the AWS limits the number of requests to only a handful every second.

    Hope this helps,


    Paul – that is a huge help. I don’t know why the use of the ‘+’ button was not more intuitive. I do understand the need to be aware of the number of queries, and since these listings are pretty much static, will enable the cache function. Thanks again.

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