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    I’m using the widgetized sidebar, and the search form is giving me some trouble.

    I have all sidebar list items styled for margin-left: 0 and padding-left: 10px, and have styled all the first-level list items (ul li, the ones that headers go in) with li#id {padding-left: 0}.

    This works perfectly for every first level li except the one that contains the search form, which won’t accept any styling at all. That one keeps a left padding of 10px no matter what I do. I’ve zeroed out the margin and padding of the li, the form element and the div inside the form, and nothing works. There my searchform sits with a left padding of 10px, looking awkward.

    Has anyone else had this problem, or have any ideas how I might fix it?

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  • *hand over eyes* And now I feel like a total idiot. I found the problem. There was a missing curly brace, one statement up in my css. Never mind me, I’m just going to go expire of embarrassment now.

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