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    I’m looking for a new host after dreadful experiences with godaddy and bluehost. I’m considering liquidweb (though their chat isn’t working–not a good sign).

    It says that hosting for Add-on domains is +$5/mth. Is this true if I use a domain mapping plugin for multisite, or will that allow me to go around the fee? I’m guessing yes, but don’t want to move and find out no.


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  • WP would recognize domains pointed to them, but the DNS should point to your server too, however you need to pay (to any registrar you want) for the domains you want to own.

    I don’t know about specific LiquidWeb service.

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    I use LiquidWeb (13 years and counting)

    You don’t need an add-on domain with them, just a parked domain, and you get two free domains so if you just want more than that, you may need to pay. I don’t remember how many parked domains you get with standard (it’s been a while since I was on their basic plans, I have a VPS right now for running over a dozen sites).

    Yeah, I have the domains and the sites set up at bluehost (miserable uptime, miserable, rude customer service), so I was curious about the add-on fee. Will have to ask them if they charge for the parking. Thanks!

    LiquidWeb wants to charge me $15 for domain parking. WT? It’s really unfortunate that there isn’t a decent web host that is reasonably priced. I can do their higher monthly fees for quality, but not ridiculous costs for extras that cost them nothing. Sigh.

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    Is it $15 a month or a one-time fee? *checks* Ah, it’s a one-time fee. From their TOS:

    There is a one-time fee of $15 for parking additional domain names.

    So … yes, it’s money to park domain, but you’re not ‘costing them nothing’ if you think about it. The alternative to Multisite is you have multiple domains which is more traffic to their servers for them, and multiple hosting account (or add-on domains) for you. You’re paying very little to forever point a domain to their servers. Remember, you’re paying for a service here 🙂 There certainly are other hosts who cost less. Heck, I work for one, and I always advocate you pick the host that makes you feel comfortable.

    Yes, I’m aware that it’s a one time fee. It begs the question, how many other fees will pop up?

    Having already thought about it, and knowing how many and what kind of sites/domains I have, you are making an assumption that additional domains = additional traffic, particularly if several domains go to one site. Ergo, I’d be paying for a service which costs them nothing. $15/mth is far more than my traffic would cost them to provide me with reliable, fast hosting, yet I’m willing to pay it, so long is I’m not hit with numerous hidden fees. The only reason I’ve contacted bluehost support in the last 2yrs is to ask why on earth their server is down AGAIN, for the third time that week.

    As I said, I’m aware there are other hosts that cost less. It’s just a shame that none of them are particularly good.

    Finally, they don’t allow multisite on their web hosted plans, only on VPS which starts at $50/mth. Ah well. The search continues.

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    Finally, they don’t allow multisite on their web hosted plans

    They don’t? That’s new.

    Yeah, I was told by customer service:

    “WordPress Multisite isn’t a supported configuration here, and is something we
    do not allow on our Web Hosting plans. You would need to be a on a VPS or
    dedicated server if you wish to use WordPress Multisite.”

    Then someone else replied to my “bummer”

    “I want to apologize for the confusion. The $15 is not for parking the domains,
    that is if a yearly fee if you would like us to register the domain for you.
    We currently do not have a limit to how many domains you can park at this
    time. I want to check with you with the Park Domains you are not able to host
    individual sites with unique content on them, what those would be is
    essentially redirect you to another site that is the primary or an add-on

    Also, You are able to host multi-site on our shared packages we simply do not
    recommend it, the reason for this is due to the amount of resources it does
    require and as you add additional sites you would be forced to upgrade to a
    VPS solution with us [if quotas are exceeded].”

    So you hosted multisite with them on shared server? They told me that even if domains are parked, if it goes to “unique content” it is an add-on and $5 more a month per site, which means even if they are 1page sites with very, very little traffic, and there are 7 of them getting less traffic all together than the root site, it’s still $35 more a month, which makes it the same as their VPS. I might just look for a VPS on a different host.

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