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  • Nope. Deactivating Contact Form 7 made no difference for me. Still have the same issues.

    nope…no change deactivating and clearing cache. also just upgraded contact form 7 to 3.5.1 hoping he did a bug fix, but it made no difference.

    good try, but alas…..

    I apologize for jumping into this, but I have noticed the same issue. The only plugin that I have that is the same as yours is nexgen gallery. I deactivated it and the link/unlink button started working again. So some how this is connected. Any resolutions?

    klaconcepts–were you also having nonstop crashing with nextGEN on top of the add link issue? If I’m lucky enough to get through all the clicks to add a photo, I can not add another one. I have to save my post as a draft, EXIT wordpress, sign back in and then start the process over, hoping I’ll be able to add another pic before crashing.

    Plugin Author Josh


    If you deactivate Ultimate Tinymce… does NextGen Gallery add a button for linking and unlinking?

    What buttons does NextGen add to the tinymce editor?

    @mrpacdan – No I haven’t had any crashing issues.

    @josh – Nextgen adds only an “Attach to post button” it has nothing at all about linking or unlinking. It is just when the nextgen is activated the linking and unlinking button are greyed out. When I deactivate the nextgen then the linking and unlinking button once again work. Hope that answers your question.

    I now can’t get my website to load, can not get the dashboard log in page to load–I am so ready to give up on wordpress. I am seriously at my wits end with this.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Okay.. slow down. I understand your frustrations, I really do. I need to download the NextGen plugin.. and see how he is hooking to the editor.

    Let’s take a deep breath.. and find the root of what is going on here.

    What do you mean by you cannot get WP to load?

    Everyone – NGG has MAJOR problems with their release of last week – wo you may want to check out their forum for help with NGG issues –

    EDIT – hi Josh :)!

    I can’t get the log in page to load–and my website is no longer loading. I get an Internal Server Error message for both.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Okay… let’s user either FTP or your hosts cPanel to gain access to your file directories.

    Once there, we are going to browse to the directory where you installed WP. From there, browse to the wp-content directory.

    Now, look for the plugins folder, and rename it to something like plugins-temp.

    Now, this will “force” all plugins to deactivate.. and should let you back into your website.

    Thanks for the info @wpyogi! As always, you’re a big help 🙂

    ok. everything is deactivated, I can get back to my dashboard, and now I can get on my website.

    oh…but just to note, even though all plugins are deactivated, the add link button is still no clickable. So I take it that means that problem is NOT related to plugins???

    Plugin Author Josh


    The only other conflict can be that it is coming from your theme… or any custom code you have added.

    Can you quickly switch back to the default WP theme.. just to test and see?

    ok. I’ll try. I’m now still getting booted out of wordpress when i try to switch between pages–I also don’t have a specialized theme–I’m using “Twenty Ten”. Just my header is my own banner image. It says I have Twenty Ten 1.4 and 1.5 is available. Should I upgrade…and when it says “Updating this theme will lose any customizations you have made,” does that mean all my sidebar stuff is going to go bye bye?

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