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  1. Johnny Bravo
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi, i use the tabgarb plugin for my tabbed areas within my content and on one particular page, the tabs and links within the content area are not clickable anymore, i initially thought it was the tabgarb plugin but that plugin works fine on other pages.

    i have noticed on this page that when the page is half-loaded/loading, the tabs are clickable, then a second later on full load they become unclickable, there is a conflict of some sort and im stumped.

    page link: http://artbyherbie.com/portfolio
    this is beyond my debugging skills, anyone see it in their browser too?


  2. shirazdrum
    Posted 4 years ago #

    It's impossible to pinpoint what's causing the problem when you have so many errors on this page. Most likely an orphan closing or opening <div> is doing it but you need to fix the errors first.


  3. Johnny Bravo
    Posted 4 years ago #

    shirazdrum, yes i had seen the w3c errors before, i digged deeper and noticed i had some duplicate tabgarb tabs which showed the same next-gen galleries, i got rid of the duplicates and this got rid of 30 errors, down 136 from 166 - however the links and tabs were still not working

    after looking through the W3C errors, i noticed many errors from my facebook comments plugin, i then deactivated the SEO Facebook Comments plugin i use and this further got rid of 10 more errors but more importantly, all my links are working again. must be a conflict but it sucks when plugins throw up so many validation errors, im not one to delve too deep into editing plugins, i try to keep my coding clean myself but thanks anyway, alls well again.


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