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    I've searched for this, but couldn't quite find it (lots of not very useful trackback listings btw). Anyway, the thing is, I'd like to display the links in certain link categories with a little image (i.e. a CD cover) and then to the right the title (preferably both image and title as hyperlinks) and under the title the artists name.

    I've used the following:
    <?php get_linksbyname('portfolio', '<dt>', '</dd>',
    '</dt><dd>', TRUE, 'rating', TRUE, FALSE, -1, FALSE); ?>

    And tried on the instructions in http://www.scottmcdaniel.com/?p=33

    But this still only uses the image and description. Not really a way of displaying both the title and the artist as 2 separate values in the way I described it above.

    Anyone any ideas in this area? I mean, it seems like something someone would have done at one stage?

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