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    We got messages from our clients that they cannot reset their password. When I looked at it, it seems that both the forgot password and the registration links redirect to the same login page and then nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.

    I am using [clean-login] shortcode for the login page. I also resaved the permalinks and republished/resaved the page containing the shortcode. The problem didn’t change.

    Can you lease help?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Alberto Hornero


    Where is pointing the link from the Clean Login settings page?

    Are you using any security plugin which maybe is stopping this?

    And finally, did you try to resave (update) the pages/posts which contain the registration and restore password forms?


    URL after registration: /leden-2/
    URL after login: /leden-2/
    URL after logout:

    We are using the Sucuri Security plugin. I hope this is not an issue. We also have a firewall setup from Sucuri.

    As I said, I resaved (updated) the page with the [clean-login] shortcode, but the problem was still there.

    Plugin Author Alberto Hornero


    Could you please try by disabling other plugins? maybe there is any kind of compatibility issues.


    I deactivated some of the more suspicious plugins and tried the forgot password again after each one of them, but there was no effect. Both the forgot password and the registration just point to the same page the login shortcode is.

    Hi @larisa90 & @hornero,

    I thought I would chime in here because I had the same issue.
    I actually discovered the problem and wrote a fix for it that worked for me. @hornero what I ended up doing was adding a place on the Admin settings page specifically for the forgotten password url so I could direct it to a custom page and then updating the clean login login form to get that url. I added that into the admin area and then I went to login-php.form and added this at the top –

    cl_forgottenpassword_redirect_url is the new field I added to the admin area.

    $restore_url = clean_login_get_translated_option_page( 'cl_forgottenpassword_redirect_url', '');

    Then I added this for the actual forgotten password link –

    			<?php if ( $show_restore_url != 'false' )
    				echo "<a href='$restore_url' class='cleanlogin-form-pwd-link'>". __( 'LOST PASSWORD?', 'clean-login' ) ."</a>";

    Take a look here.

    @larisa90, if you want a quick solution, go into the Clean Login form login-form.php and add a variable at the top that holds a hard-coded url to your forgotten password page and then go to the bottom of the page and use that url in an a href tag.

    The problem is happening because Clean Login tries to identify the pages where it sees shortcodes and uses that information to determine the urls to use. This works as long as there is ONE shortcode used. If you have multiple shortcodes used, for example multiple login shortcodes on different pages, Clean Login doesn’t know which one to use. This is the same for the restore url. Clean Login is finding the sign in shortcode on the main sign in page and using that instead of finding the SECOND login shortcode which is on the forgotten password page and using that.

    @hornero, if you add multiple login shortcodes and rest your mouse pointer over top list where it tells where the shortcodes are. You will see that it only will find one and sometimes that isn’t the right one. Take a look at what I mean here.



    Thank you a lot. I realised now what I was doing wrong and I fixed it. 🙂

    Plugin Author Alberto Hornero


    Hi @larisa90, could you please share with us?

    @hatetoregister, thank you very much for all your feedback, proposal and way of fixing it 🙂

    From @hatetoregister answer I realized I didn’t have a restore password page, so I created one and then the ‘forgot password’ link properly pointed to it.

    YAY! @larisa90! From one Clean Login user to another, I’m so glad you got everything working! Keep in mind, if you ever add the login or restore form to another page, the admin area may not have the correct one.

    My case was a little different. I have that shortcode on multiple pages and the admin area is coded to only pick up one shortcode for each category (ie. one login, one reset, etc.), so I had to create a way for the system to recognize the right one.

    I’m so glad you were able to add in the reset page and get it working!

    @hatetoregister – I did as you suggested and put a hardcoded link into the login-form.php. That didn’t work for me.

    Here is the page:

    Here is the link I get in my email:

    The message I get is: Failed security check, expired Activation Link due to duplication or date.


    Hi @uteman23!

    I’m not the plugin developer, but I have customized Cleanlogin for my needs extensively and I will gladly help you with this. The solution I gave for Larisa’s issue was specific for that particular issue. If you are having the same issue, I’m going to suggest two things.

    First, create a separate post for your issue. Sometimes issues seem related but aren’t and Larisa’s issue may be different from your issue.

    Second, you have to make sure you hardcode only PART of the url – NOT the full url. You have to use WordPress to actually get a link to YOUR specific login page.

    Give me a second and I will post an example.

    That may not be your issue though. When you create your own post, I will post what you can hardcode on that ticket. Also, please verify that you DID create a forgotten password page. Do you have the shortcode on more than one page? If you check all of that and still want to hardcode, I will post on your ticket and give you info on how to do that so we don’t hijack Larisa’s post here.

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