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  • I am after some help please as I am having trouble linking to external sites and even to my own pages. I am very much a beginner so please bear with me!

    Here is a link to an example of it not working:


    I wanted to link to an article on another site, using the ‘link’ button it doesn’t even display, it looks like this on the edit screen:

    I also tried it this way: Here – that one provides a link but when you click it it goes to :

    “Not Found
    The requested URL /”” was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request”

    After reading other threads I disabled all my plugins and clicked the link again but it still didn’t work, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Both the links you posted work for me?

    I just deleted the ” off the end of the other and it still doesn’t work though.

    Also, is the first link visible as it isn’t even showing up in this thread for me (there should be one after where I say ” it looks like this in the edit screen”)


    Sorry, my copy/paste didn’t work very well. Here is the link on your site:

    <a href="””">

    Do you see the extra quote tags? Those are what are causing the 404 error.

    And no, the link ‘…in the edit screen’ isn’t showing for me either, try posting it again!

    I see that, yes. I have deleted them now I think but it still isn’t working. Please could you post it exactly as it should look? (Sorry I am a complete beginner!!)

    The first link that doesn’t even display looks like this:

    Edit – hasn’t displayed again and I’m not sure why!!

    Will try with out the < > …..

    a href=””Here1″></a

    Stop the presses! The first link now works, thank you thank you 🙂

    But why isn’t the actual ‘link’ button in wordpress working?

    Ah, so the link you’ve been trying to put in is this:

    <a href="" title="Here"></a>

    Just need to use the backticks to make sure the code doesn’t render.

    The reason why it’s rendering as blank is because there is nothing actually being linked. Example:

    <a href="/">Need to put text in here to link!</a>

    So when you add a link with the link button, make sure to highlight some text first!

    Ah yes I understand what went wrong now. But it was the link button that put it in the wrong place when I filled it in there. Is that some sort of bug or something I have done?

    At least I know I can manually do it now though, thanks again!!

    And just to clarify, are these back ticks > < ?? (Sorry for being a n00b lol)

    Backticks are ` those.

    Note under the message box on the forums here where it says “Allowed markup…”. Right under that it says “Put code in backticks.”

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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