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  • Hi. I would appreciate your help with this.

    We are using WP 3.4.2 and the Dandelion theme. Our blog page has two categories: ‘SOI-SEATTLE BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ and ‘TEACHINGS’ . The links in the titles and in the ‘read more’ are not going to the posts. In Firefox, I was getting a 404 error, but in IE9 they are just not going anywhere.

    After searching this forum, I tried resetting the permalink structure to ‘default’ and the links worked, but all the other links on our site were messed up. Switched it back to the custom setting created by our developer ‘/%.%/’. Site links work but posts problems remain.

    I also tried switching the ‘Turn on/off title link’ under the Portfolio Settings on the Blog page to ‘off’ and then ‘on’, but still no help there.

    These all used to work! Will updating to WP 3.5 help?


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  • Hi there. I do not have any answers for you, sorry. I am posting because I have the same issue. Everything was fine and then one day the links stopped working. Another issue I have (does this happen to you as well?) is if I type the url into the address bar of Firefox I will get a 404 error. But using the bookmark from FF works fine. Strange.

    @surachar Dandelion is a pay-for theme not available on the WordPress repo, please direct your question to the themeforest guys.

    @diversebydesign; I can’t even get a URL to bookmark, as cannot use the ‘view page’ feature in the editor and get a 400 error or going nowhere when attempting to use the links. I’ll let you know if I find a solution to this problem. I, and others, I’m sure, would appreciate the same from you; thanks.

    @ Frumph; thank you – I will try posting this to the Themeforest forum.

    Best Wishes to All,


    Well… I found out that my site got hacked. I contacted my hosting company (justhost) and after ssome detective work it appeared that someone had injected some php scripts into a few of my files and redirected many (if not all) of my links to porn sites.

    I ended up having to wipe out everything and start from scratch. My backups were tainted as well. And since I did not have the time (or patience) to go through every file looking for malicious code I figured a global deletion and reinstalling WP was in order. I hope for everyone elses sake they do not have the same issue as I did. I wish I knew why they chose me cause this is the second time in the year that this has happened.

    Now.. I dont know how to do this effectively, but any links that I have out there (old ones) I believe are still routing to the porn sites. Not sure how to either remove them all (as I dont know where all of them might be) or if I should just put the word out.

    Hi, to prevent hacking I suggest you install wp-better security or anything alike. It prevented a few hacks at my install. Beside that it detects changed files. you can even report it to your e-mail on a daily basis.

    Might prevent further hacks in the future.

    I don’t know how they hacked you, but the most simple version might be to redirect trough .htaccess. You might want to check the contents of that file (it’s a hidden file, so be sure to set hidden files visible).



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    I know this may be a little late, but I just read your post. I had the same problem. What caused my problem was a server move at my hosting company. After the move some links on my site stopped working, while others were fine. I traced the problem to missing ‘www.’ in some of the links. Adding this back to the links fixed the problem.

    It’s just possible your hosting company made a server move without your knowledge.

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