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  • Thanks, I’ll look forward to the update so that I can purchase a pro version. If you decide to retire it or just pursue a free and open model, have you reached out to the BP Dev team to see if they have an interest in including the feature in the BP core so that it can leverage their developer base? That would be neat, but I’m not sure if it is feasible.

    I did not know there was a pro version. There is no mention of it in the description. Hint…Hint

    It appeared, as though, the Author had given up, hence my review.

    How can you expect people to support your efforts when you don’t support it?

    I’m glad to see @mrmaz is still with us and I am wanting to see the update so I can change my review. I have been holding off updating Buddypress knowing the change would kill this plugin.

    I would like to see this plugin working properly and then I will consider the pro version.

    @mrmaz, I believe if you can rediscover the passion that you had for Bp Links and bring it back to life, you will get what you are looking for.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    I understand that there is frustration. Please also understand that I have been maintaining the plugin on and off for 5 years by myself. I have many hundreds of hours invested and very little return on that investment. No other developers in the community have stepped up to help.

    If the community “expects” authors to put in a ton of work for free, the community needs to step up as well. Do you know how many donations for the free version I have received in 5 years? Three! One for $25, one for $25 that charged back so I got a $25 fee, and another for $1. So for 5 years of free work I have been thanked with a net total of $1 of donations and very, very few code contributions (except for translations).

    On top of that, I have made many many fixes over the years for people promising to buy a pro license if I help them out, and maybe two people have followed up on that.

    So as you can see, it can be very difficult to find the motivation to spend time away from working on paying clients and products to work only for the love of the code.

    Sorry for the rant, but hopefully this gives you guys some perspective on what it’s like on this side of the table 🙂

    Sure @mrmaz! Releasing such a free plugin must either be a passion (if you have time and money already) or a distinctive step in an organized marketing approach for acquisition and activation of users. In the latter case, you should have a profitable product behind which is the real piece of cake for you.

    Whatever your decision, thanks for your great work done so far on BP Links, and thanks in advance for further clarifying its status. This will let us know if we continue to integrate it into our plans or not.

    All the best for your projects (included CBOX!)

    @mrmaz. You are not being fair to yourself or the community.

    Did you really expect to profit solely off of the donate button?

    I have purchased several pro versions costing hundreds of dollars each. Why? Because they had additional features that justified the cost. You kept your Pro version a secret.

    I have researched WordPress and your sites and I can not find what the pro version offers. Most of your links are broken or refer to a blog that is 5 years old. Where can the community go to find out more about the pro version? What does it offer? How much does it cost?

    You’re upset that you don’t get the support you need. Did you ask? I believe members here did/do support your plugin by posting the sidebar fix and providing feedback.

    Bottom line…..

    5 years ago, you created something great. Truthfully, it may have been before it’s time. There weren’t too many self-made social sites. Most of the WordPress users back then may not have appreciated Bp Links. Writing HTML links is fairly simple.

    Today, you have more users that are not interested in writing or editing code. They have no clue about HTML or CSS. They just want what works. No editing, working correctly, straight out of the box.

    To your advantage, the social scene has since exploded. Bp Links is unique and has some great features that meets the needs for user links on a social site. Try to find a plugin that does what Bp Links does/did. You can’t.

    Now before you completely miss the boat and someone else fills the need, get this working and promote your pro version. Hopefully, the pro version has additional fantastic features and you can offer it for a fair market price. I know I would like to see it and offer some feedback.

    If you still need help, ask, yell, scream.

    We want you to succeed.

    @mrmaz — as a premium license holder it is very concerning to me to read your above responses. If I were just a free user I would totally get it; you get what you pay for, but when you decided to charge people for the product, you also entered into the obligation of at least doing basic things like ensuring it works with the newer versions of BP. I don’t think many people would blame you for not expanding it, enhancing it, etc., but making it work with the current version really is a requirement.

    Open-source/free software can sometimes be a thankless road to go down, but we didnt go down that road: we paid a premium price for your software. By the same token, you had the opportunity to create adds-on to a free, community-driven software yourself, and so we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants; some of simply paid a ticket for admission.

    Please make it work with the latest version of BP.


    Plugin Author MrMaz


    If anyone has purchased the pro version in the past year, which is how long the support is good for, please open a ticket here:

    I will fix the issue asap, or refund your money.

    I am closing this thread, because it’s not productive at all. I’m getting tired of defending myself for making the choice to not to work for free.


    Wouldn’t have been easier to just say you forgot how BP Links works and you don’t know how to fix it?

    That’s why it is so important to code notes into your script, especially when you do things outside the norm.

    So to be clear about your last comment, does this mean you will no longer be supporting BP Links?

    What about someone else taking over the plugin, fixing it and calling it their own?

    BTW what did the pro version offer? The new owner may want to sell it.

    OK I’m kidding. Get going and fix this. Promote the Pro version and let’s move on.

    Basic version = Free (Bait)
    Pro Version = MONEY $$$ (Hook)

    @mrmaz wrote:
    I am closing this thread, because it’s not productive at all. I’m getting tired of defending myself for making the choice to not to work for free.

    Sure, we can understand that: that’s why I asked you several times to clarify the status of your plugin. You are free to retire or fix it, but please don’t let it in this “open issue” status.

    On our side, we have invested time in code integration and content development in your plugin, we have now a collection of shared resources which are really useful to our community, and we do need to understand what to do with these resources: for now, we had no other choice than closing this feature but we need to re-open it asap.

    So please clarify: retire of fix. This will close the discussion.


    Plugin Author MrMaz


    This is so motivating right here:

    Just in case you weren’t sure, I don’t respond positively to public shaming, demands for answers, bullying, etc.

    I have had several people who payed for pro support contact me and I fixed their issues immediately with newer code. Not sure what is so hard to understand. It’s very simple: Supporting the free version is not a priority for me right now.

    I’m not going to be pressured into retiring the plugin because my current personal and business circumstances don’t match up with someone else’s plans.

    If you don’t like the current state of the plugin, don’t use it. If you have pro support and you need help, open a ticket here:

    If that isn’t clear enough, I don’t know what to tell you guys.


    Can’t you see where people becoming upset that you haven’t updated BP Links is actually a compliment? You have a cool plugin that fills a much needed task and the people want to use it. It is in demand.

    What is confusing, you seem to have the fix, yet you refuse to do the upgrade. You have a pro version that you sell, yet you do not promote it and no one can even find it to purchase.

    I would love to see the pro version. What does the pro version offer? How much does it cost?

    Do you need help finding the balance in features between the free and paid version? You give the people just enough in the free version to get them hooked and offer additional, must have features to get people to purchase the pro version.

    My suggestion would be to fix the free version to reestablish interest and shut up the complainers. Offer the pro version so you can get some money. We have to see it to buy it.

    Once this is done, completely revamp both the free and paid versions.

    Obviously, there are people wanting what you have to offer. Take advantage of it. Like I said before, you have a great idea; your timing was just off and it caused you to lose interest. Don’t let the complainers bum you out.

    There are more WordPress users today than there were 5 years ago. Back then, the main user was more of a developer/programmer. We all know the advanced users are cheap and tight with their wallets.

    Now you have a ton of novice users that just want cool plugins that work and they’re willing to pay for more features. Take advantage of it.

    Please, tell us what you need from us to get this working again.

    @mrmaz: is it that simple that if we buy the pro version on and open a ticket, then you provide in return a new code which fixes the BP Links incompatibility with BP 2.2 regarding the Links Directory?


    Thank you for posting the link. So there is a page to buy pro. My apollogies to @mrmaz. Why isn’t this link on the WordPress page?

    You’re an excellent programmer, but you suck at marketing/selling.

    The demo page link is broken and it is totally unclear what the pro version offers over the community version. A feature comparison check list would be nice. I guess what I’m saying, sell me on making the purchase.

    A video like you did for group-o-matic might help. If you do make one, try to be more enthusiastic. It is your info-mercial for selling your product.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    @ypeynaud I was finishing up the BP fixes for 2.2 when they started rolling out the 2.2.x releases, so I’m not sure if there are new issues or not.

    @outdoorsmen The “you suck” kinds of comments people make are the exact reason I can’t get motivated to work on free plugins like I used to. Everything else you said means nothing after that.

    I have plenty of reasons for falling behind, but they are very personal and none of anyone’s business. Take what you see and judge for yourself, make your own decisions, and leave me alone.

    It’s been real but I’m done defending myself. I won’t be responding anymore, so save your fingers the typing.

    @mrmaz: thanks for taking the time to answer, and great to hear that it may work. I’d really be happy to pay for the pro version and get this useful (and unmatched) plugin working again on my site! I would be happy to run some tests if you want, just tell me.


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