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    My site is experiencing some very weird and frustrating things as of late:

    Ok, we’ll start by saying about a month ago I switched to a VPS. about 2 weeks ago, statpress reloaded kept timing out and giving me internal 500 errors. Every once in a while I could “get through” and get a query to fully run. However, the last two weeks, the errors have become more prominent and now are to the point of constant.

    THe outgoing links on my site all have been replaced and the actal <a…..> material stripped from them so they simply refresh the page tha they are located on. If I go through now and manually enter them in the html editor (which I’ve been also doint in the past at points), the links work. Why did all of a sudden my links get fubar’d site wide?

    Lastly, some of my permalinks are wrong.

    I’ve already tried various .htaccess hacks, deletes, readds, etc. I’ve tried switching around permalinks to varios defualt and custom configurations. I’ve also checked, rechecked, and triple checked permissions across the board. And finally, I’ve even tried uninstalling all plugins and still the problems persist. (Except the statpress reloaded internal 500 error of course).

    Someone, anyone, please help.

    Check out my site and you can see the various problems I’m talking about. ANy ideas?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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