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    I had a site at

    I now have a site at

    I exported the original site to XML and imported it to the new site.

    That worked mostly fine EXCEPT that all the links for images in the /contnets folder still point to the old site, so if I kill the site, I break all the links.

    Also all of the links to other posts in the new site also point to the old site. Those also need to be fixed.

    I’ve poked around to see if I can find a quick way to fix this, but I’m not bright enough to know what I’m looking for. I have about 1600 images whose links are wrong and I don’t know how many internal links.

    I THOUGHT about deleting from the new site all of the posts that I imported, exporting them from the old site to XML and then doing a search and replace on the file to change the URLs and then importing it again into the new site.

    Would that work?

    Is there an easier way?

    I’m also posting a question about a related issue HOW DO I IMPORT A LOT OF IMAGES FROM ONE SITE INTO ANOTHER? There seems to be no way to do it with FTP.

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  • If you moved to wordpress.COM – that’s not a blog anymore where you have total control.
    There is no FTP, there is messing with the database… but it was your choice.

    Doing a search&replace in the file before (re)importing will work to a certain extent: the links will be correct, however the images will NOT be there on even then. You cannot ftp there, you can just re-upload all of them. But then again, the upload will create their own new path, so the links will be broken again.

    Maybe it was not such a wise move to go from a self-hosted WP to
    (just my $0.02)

    You are so right that the change was not what I desired.

    However, I had no choice if I wanted to continue blogging. My old site was hosted on a server that gave me zero support when I had problems. I couldn’t upgrade, I couldn’t do backups, etc. I got hacked and couldn’t upload images, and could never figure out why (despite help from the team here).

    I attempted to move the site to Quadrahosting, since I’m satisfied with their support for our other services. But, I could not successfully get a site going there. It appeared to me that I SHOULD be able to set up a site there with exactly the same URL and then change my DNS record with my registrar (GoDaddy) to point to the new domain IP.

    It’s a bit sad to be caught between the ‘easy’ which IS easy, but doesn’t give you many options and the self-hosted blog which gave me lots of control, but left me high and dry when a problem came up that was beyond my abilities to fix.

    It appears that I’m smart enough to write a blog. I’m just not smart enough to maintain a blog.

    It seems like there’s something missing in the scheme. There are folks out there who need money and have skills. I have a bit of money, but not much skill. I’d be happy to pay somebody a fair price and say, “Take what I’ve got THERE and move it HERE and when I’ve seen that it works, the money’s yours.” Maybe I just don’t know where to look. I imagine the whole thing could be done in a few hours by somebody who actually knew how to do it. (I bet you hear this kind of stuff all the time – sorry to bore you.)

    Oh, well. I think I now have no choice but to go back through hundreds of posts and about 1600 images and delete each image and upload it again directly from a copy on my computer. The same goes for all of the intra-blog links.

    Will that solve my problem or am I dreaming again?

    (By the way, I’d pay more than $.02 anytime to hear what you have to say.)

    Do you think it is too late now to make the move to another server/host for the self-hosted WP blog?
    If everything is still there in the old place (I mean database and uploaded photos and other files) you could move that domain to another server as you have described.

    Anyway, I understand what you are saying about writing vs. managing a blog.

    FYI: you can start here a new topic, asking for paid help, just leave a contact address and we will close it – as per the forum rules.
    Alternatively, you can post your request for a paid job at the wp-pro mailing list:

    There is also this site:

    Good luck!

    Thanks for that moshu,

    Yes, the old site is still as I left it. I’ve put a redirect on it so that my readers can see new posts and all the other stuff (even though everything links back to the old site).

    So, everything that should be needed is there.

    I will follow your three suggestions and see what happens.

    That worked a treat, moshu.

    I had a flood of offers of help. One is from a group of veterans with combat related disabilities. I’m not a war fan, but I’m still going to give them a shot at the work.

    I think we can call this resolved.


    this post has a good thread, so i keep reading it and not finding the answer i’m looking for. the answer i’m looking for is here:

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