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    We have our blog appearing on one of our pages via an iframe. It’s all working fine except that some of the links aren’t working.

    It seems random. For one post, the “No comments” link is working while for another it is not working. (Yes, I did check that “allow comments” is checked for both posts.) In the side bar, some links (Documentation, Uncategorized) work while others (News; Archives:September 2010; Pages:About) don’t work. All these links work when we access the blog directly rather than through the iframe in our web page.


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  • Hi Eric,

    I was never very fond of iframes particularly for this kind of “random” behavior.
    Do you absolutely need to use iframe? If you send me a link to your blog and the page in question I can take a look at it.

    Strange–now some of the links that weren’t work are working, but several still are not. (We added another entry, a video, and its links are working.)

    Our site is and the blog itself is at

    I’m hoping either to be able to “brand” the default theme or find a theme that’s easier to brand, so the embedded blog is probably not a permanent solution–especially if this linking problem persists.

    Thanks for your support.

    Ok, now that I was able to see what the issue is exactly, and what you are trying to accomplish, I have two potential solutions you might want to analyze:

    Solution N.°1:
    If you are not using the blog for any specific purposes different from the ones you are using your website for, you could migrate the blog to a minisite inside your website (for instance, to the root, and eventually get rid of the stand-alone version of the blog and just keep the minisite version. This would be totally doable with WP since it supports non-root folder installation. There are even some tutorials in the WP Codex about how to do this, and also about how to migrate your blog.

    Solution N.°2:
    If you would rather have a stand-alone blog AND a website, but still be able to show your blog inside your site, you could avoid using an iframe by simply creating the above mentioned minisite, installing a copy of WordPress in that minisite which would be identical in all respects to the one you have on your blog url, and then linking that ‘clone’ blog to the original blog’s Database so every time you create a post, change the categories/tags, you name it!, the clone blog gets automatically updated. If you ever have to make changes to the design of the original blog, you can update the clone one by just downloading all the files from the first one and uploading them into the second one through FTP or any other file transfer system of your choice.

    Also, since WP 3.0, there’s a new multi-site feature incorporated within WP. However, since I haven’t upgraded any of my blogs yet, I don’t know if that functionality would be suitable for you, but you could always look into it.

    I hope my insight was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks, Marventus. Great solutions.

    Glad you liked them. Don’t hesitate to post again if you have any other doubts.
    Best of luck!

    Hello again,

    Were you able to figure out issue? If you were, could you please mark this thread as “Resolved?” It really helps a lot knowing which threads sttill need help and which don’t.


    I’m sorry. Didn’t know that was my job. I haven’t decided which solution is best. Right now leaning toward just using the main WordPress page and not trying to integrate it into one of our pages. When I get a chance I’ll work on modifying the theme appropriately.

    Thanks to all.

    I having a similar problem with iframes. I received some code from that was the following:

    <iframe src=”…”
    frameborder=”0″ width=”770″ height=”500″></iframe>

    When I pasted it into a page it came up very small and wouldn’t work right. The final hack that fixed it though kind of silly was:

    <table width=”770″ border=”0″>
    <td><iframe src=”…” frameborder=”0″ width=”770″ height=”500″></iframe></td>

    I’ve never used iframe before so I’m wondering if WP has some problems with it.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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