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  1. Augure
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    So after years using Blogger, Tumblr or Overblog I dediced to give WordPress a go for a professional project. What a piece of unintuitive garbage. From the beginning to right now, I have problems with even the most basics of function and I'm starting to wonder: what's the point of WordPress ?

    1. First I logged in, and chose to activate one of my themes. The interface is counter-intuitive and messy but you can get around. Well there was no way for me to change the basic color, font or size of the different part of the website...what a useless garbage.

    2. So I tried installing widgets or plugins to have such an interface. I dowloaded the "custom design" thing, of course it's so stupid (again) that I had to activate whatever permalink for whatever reason, but once I did...the widget is nowhere to be found...

    3. Then I tried to ad an image, and resize it with html. It worked, good. But then I tried to embed a video: I had to waste 30 minutes on the internet to find how to embed a Vimeo video, and once I did, I couldn't even resize it with html as it's supposed to and still didn't figure it out.

    4. I tried to imput line skip/jump, of course it's not automatic because it is stupid so I just put a
    and then it jumped a huge section...still didn't figure it out.

    5. Then I tried to embed link with texts, using the most basic html function with the "link" button...of course this shit doesn't work either and nothing is displayed when I update or preview the website.

    And this is just for a basic prototype that I wanted to without having to using any or much code because I'm not a dev and, well the point of a CMS or content creation system is not to have to...

    WordPress is really an old stupid and counter-intuitive interface, and I wonder what is the point of it.

  2. WordPress is really an old stupid and counter-intuitive interface, and I wonder what is the point of it.

    And yet it powers what 25% of websites on the Internet? So, I guess some folks would disagree.

    Regardless of what CMS you use, there is a learning curve. You say you're not a dev, well then you can't expect to have dev skills and make amazing sites just by using a tool. The tool is there to help and make things easier, but you still need to learn how to use it and knowing CSS, PHP and HTML helps.

    I'm sorry that you didn't fall in love with WordPress immediately, but it's not the right tool for everyone.

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