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    I have a client using this plugin and their website is having some issues with user creation. In the connections table, the same slug “cn-id-0” has been assigned to multiple entries. Because of this, the links in the search area all go to the same profile (presumably the first cn-id-0 in the table).

    Manually editing the slug in the db resolves some of the problems, but the pictures related to that profile do not display. It seems like this has been an on-going issue for quite awhile but it is not consistent. I have entries as far back as 2017 with this issue but plenty in between that do not.

    EDIT: After getting a bit more familiar with the plugins, this display issue is with the cmap plugin. This site uses the Connections Plugin, the CMAP template, Connections Links, and Connections Widgets.

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  • Plugin Author Steven


    Really the only way this could happens is if entries are added using an unsupported method. I mention this because I have come across instances in the past where either the plugin or one of its addons (such as CSV Import or Form) were altered in a way which would cause this issue.

    Ending up with an cn-id-0 would cause both the permalink and images not to function.

    The best solution is to make sure the current version of Connections and its addons are installed and not modified in any way. Any Entries with this issue would have to be manually corrected. Unfortunately editing the database directly may be good enough. I would recommend adding a new entry and the deleting the original. Probably the quickest/easiest way to identify affected entries is to use the CSV Export tool found on the Connections Tools admin page under the Export Tab at the bottom.

    I hope this helps, please let me know.

    Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll have to do some more digging around to figure out if these were added through a non-supported way. Manually editing the database does work, then it’s just a matter of cleaning up the image paths.

    This client definitely paid for the extra plugins at some point, but they’re way out of date. They definitely need to be updated. How do I go about getting updated copies? I’m not sure how the license model works. Do they need to be repurchased or is there a license key within the site somewhere?

    Plugin Author Steven


    Your client can access their account and renew licenses, here’s the link:

    The username/pass will be the ones they used at time of purchase. They can reset their pass using this link:

    If they have trouble, please use the contact link at the very bottom of the page at:

    Since this has transitioned to support of commercial addons… the support team does not permit support in their support forums for commercial plugin addons. Your client can get support from their account page. If they are not able to log in, then they can use the contact page and I will be able to get them sorted out.

    I hope this helps! Let me know.

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