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  • I’m trying to set up a very simple blog and the links aren’t working (like the comments link, the link to the individual posts, the link to other calendar months). I do not need permalinks and I think this is off by default.I’m not sure. I’ve re-installed WP from scratch 3 times and used the default theme and still my links don’t work. It seems that the “index.php” part of the link is missing. I’ve tried adding the .htaccess file, editing my permalinks settings, add “index.php” to the blog URI. Despite lots of help and suggestions here on the support pages still I can’t get it working.

    I once took a programming class in pascal, I can handle hacking with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Unix, etc. so I am not a complete beginner with this kind of stuff but somehow I cannot get a very simple blog to just work like it normally should. Is there anywhere to get some support over the phone? This is just starting to feel ridiculous after almost a week and many hours just to try geting the thing working. I don’t understand why it’s so cryptic and difficult just to have the basics working. Is it a buggy?

    The blog URL is
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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  • Did you put the .htaccess in your root folder, or in the blog folder? I think it needs to be in the blog folder?

    If the .htaccess file is in the right place, try to add to your permalink structure “index.php” at the beginning (it’s not nice, but might work)
    Like this (taken from Codex)

    The .htaccess is in the blog folder. I tried adding /index.php/ at the beginning of the permalink structure. Now I get “No input file specified.” when I try to go to the links. Do I really need permalinks? If I don’t have them is there any way to make it work? Is there any idea if this is a bug or what might be happening? Any other ideas? I don’t understand but I guess there’s no way to make my blog work. Maybe when WP is updated I can try again. Anyway, thanks for all the help.

    I’m sorry you’re still having trouble with this. No, you don’t need permalinks, but the problems you are having seem to be because your install isn’t including index.php in the urls. Using permalinks should override that, so that it wouldn’t be a problem.

    I know I have seen other people on the forum where the index.php wasn’t showing up. I just haven’t been able to locate any of those threads yet.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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