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    My website is not new. As of yesterday when I click on any link, it does open in a new tab but it also opens on the same tab as my website. (So the new website is now open on two tabs).

    The code has not changed: target=”_blank”

    I also tried switching templates between the free one I am using for this site and a premium one to see if there was problem with the template.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • I do not find any problem as you describe. The site’s links function as they are expected to. Clear your browser caches and try again.


    It should depends your internet browser ! Because for me (Google Chrome release 19.0.1084.56 m, when I click a link, it opens in a new tab, and on the first tab, it holds on.


    Check if your computer is not infected by a virus/spyware !

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I just checked the site on my iPhone and it is doing the same thing. I click on a link and it opens a new page. When I close to look at all the pages open on my phone, the last page (which should be my website) is now also the new linked page.

    Again thanks!

    (I have also done the virus check and the cache clean).

    Interesting (but not in a good way) is when I click on the link to my site from my first post on this page, it responds in a very different way. The links do open on a new tab at all.

    Please copy and paste in a new tab to see my concerns (Again thanks!)


    Your site works quite fine. I have just now tried it on Firefox, Chrome and IE. I do not find any unusual behavior in any of these browsers.

    That’s not happening for me in Win7/Firefox 13. Why on earth do you have links to pages on your own site opening in new tabs? Do you know just how bad that is from a web design, web usability & web accessibility point of view?

    Thank you Krishna for your time

    I am very confused as I have tried on two computers and my phone.

    On the home page, there is the link to Copley Community Orchard.

    When you click on that link, does a new tab open with Copley’s website and Dark Blue Waters stay on the original tab?

    My experience (since yesterday, is they both are changing).


    OK thanks Esmi. I am still fairly new to web design. I will make the changes.

    What about the links leaving my site?

    I still wouldn’t ever spawn new windows. what’s the point? You’ll just annoy people at best. At worst, you’ll leave some people stranded – unable to navigate back to your site. A web site isn’t a cage, You can’t keep people on it. It’s a resource. If you want people to stay, give them a darn good reason to stay via your content. Then, if they want, they’ll open links in new tabs or windows themselves via their browser/user agent.

    Trust me – it does work. 🙂

    DarkBlueWaters – I can see the problem you are having on your site. Clicking on the link for Copley Community Orchard on your first page causes the original tab to change to the target URL as well as open a new tab going to the target URL. Very odd since I can see that you code is a regular _blank target. Hope a solution appears.

    Esmi – You are right the user can’t get back to the original page via navigation but it is also good to not have your page close up either. All depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Thanks Esmi for your time and suggestions!

    The only trouble is I need to know how to fix this as it switches the page on the iPhone too which is unexpected when you open a new page. Something has to fix this as it just happened two days ago.

    Thanks for checking mdfreeman.

    Try replacing this <a title="Copley Community Orchard" href="">Copley Community Orchard</a>

    And let me see the result.


    First of all, thank you Krishna for your suggestion!

    I changed the code to what you suggested. The result was when you clicked on the link, it switched sites without opening a new page.

    Then just for fun, I clicked the option to open in a new tab.

    I have no idea why, but at that magical moment the website’s links (all of them) are working. (Strange!!!)

    So thank you all very much.

    You may read this article about using target=_blank etc., though as Esni explained, I rarely use them.

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