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    1. What is the difference between Description and Notes? Descriptions show up on the main Manage Links page, and for that reason alone should be brief, but is there a difference in how long each of them can be, or what information they can contain? For example, can either of them contain html code?
    2. Can Links Categories have subcategories? It didn’t say they could in the Codex, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    These questions are related to the questions I posed in this thread:

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  • 1. From Codex/Using_the_Links_Manager
    Short Description:
    You may optionally enter a description of your link here. How the description is displayed on your site depends on which theme you use and the settings defined by the link’s category (see Link Categories SubPanel). If the category is set to display descriptions, the default Kubrick Theme displays the description directly below the name of the link on your site, and the classic theme displays the description to the right of the name.
    Notes: Notes to yourself concerning the link.

    2. There’s nothing in the admin panel of WP 1.5 that appears to allow for subcategories of links, so I’d imagine not.

    Thank you for responding to my questions, Manzabar. I had already read that section of the Codex and was hoping for further clarification. Both the Description and the Notes of a link can be displayed using parameters for the <?php get_links; ?> Template Tag. I am trying to figure out if there’s any advantage to displaying one or the other, if I am trying to create an annotated directory of links. For example, could I insert the following in either Description or Notes and have it rendered correctly by the template tag:
    <p>Another good source of information on cold climate gardening. Their online publications catalog is not organized for easy perusal, I'm afraid. <i><b>Ornamental Grasses for Cold Climates</b></i> is located under the Landscaping - Plant Selection. <i><b>Roses for the North</b></i> is under Flowers - Culture. It is probably better to use the search engine provided if you have a specific topic in mind, because it was easier to browse under their previous organization. Some of their more popular titles have free excerpts available for download, so it's worth taking the time to see what they've got.</p>
    This is typical of what I have on my current website. Is there too much text for the Description or Notes field? Will the html code “show,” or will it be rendered properly? Perhaps no one knows, and I will just have to experiment. But I was hoping someone with an intimate knowledge of WordPress would be able to shed some light on these questions.

    Unless, I’m misreading the get_links page in the Codex; you can sort your links by either the description or the notes, but only the description can actually be displayed. As for whether or not your description is too long; that’s probably something you’ll need to experiment with.

    I see you are right. Rats. What would it take to hack the code? Why would you be able to sort by something you can’t display? I guess I will just have to create static pages and ignore the Links Manager for now. Too bad–it seems made for my situation.

    For anyone else that wants to know, the Description field in the Links Manager is 256 characters long.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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