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Links inside description pop-up (6 posts)

  1. rudypies102
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, I have a question about placing a link within Qtip description field. I know that HTML can be used but after clicking the class name (to open its description) the description closes as soon as the cursor is moved towards the text. There's no links there at this moment but I wouldn't be able to click them anyway - http://hyperfightfitness.com/schedule/.

    I wonder if there's a conflict between some plugins or this particular theme. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. aryam8
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm also interested about this. Did you figure it out?


  3. xriss
    Posted 1 year ago #

    there is a small hack that worked for me:

    1. For each class and each instructor create a page/post with the information of the class or instructor.

    2. in the file WcsSchedule.php (models folder of the plugin) you change the following two lines 580 from

    $details_class = "<a class='wcs-qtip' name='$class_description'>$class_name</a>";


    $details_class = "<a class='wcs-qtip' href='$class_description'>$class_name</a>";

    and line 583 from

    $details_class = "<a class='wcs-qtip' name='$class_description'>$class_name</a>";


    $details_class = "<a class='wcs-qtip' href='$class_description'>$class_name</a>";

    3. You make sure that in the WCschedule admin, the class and instructor descriptions only contain the link to the corresponding page/post of the class or the the instructor.

    The link can be in the form /instructorA or /classes/classB, i.e. omitting the the first part of the domain name (for example http://www.my-domain-name.org), but including the first slash /.

    4. now the links in the qtips of the schedule take us to the instructor's or the class' page/post that we created before.

    a showcase (site in greek)

    yet todo: remove small white little qtip over qtip which appears when clicking the links

  4. Mixblock
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Xriss, could you please give me more detail how you got that to work on http://motus-dance.blogs.stinpriza.org/lessons-and-schedule/ has i cannot get it to link to anything

  5. Francesco
    Posted 12 months ago #

    bumping this up, please Xriss help :)

  6. Radekim
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Mixblock, xriss - how did you manage to update the links from tooltip to specific posts in the end? I am afraid I cannot use xriss's instructions due to complete restructuring plugin after last update (no wcsschedule.php file, none of files with more than 300 lines, etc...). Thanks

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