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  • Is there a way to set link in my posts to open in a new window (target _blank) by default?

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  • I would also like to know this please. Is there a plugin or anything?


    Here is something for you to consider. Exactly why do you want to do this?

    I don’t like when you or anyone else chooses to “Lord it over me” by dictating to me what my browser should do. I will use my settings to “kill” any attempts to control my browser. And, I will never ever return to a blog where the blogger does this.




    Discussed here with a link here. Please note that i found this thread via searching. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

    timethief: The reason for electing to open links in a new tab/window is to avoid destroying the user’s information. Your user has expended effort to display whatever page they’re reading. It is arrogant to assume that you should throw that information away whenever the user seeks amplification of a point or wishes to consult another reference. If the user wishes to dismiss their data, then they should make that choice, not you.

    Most links in blog discussions are like subroutines, rather than execs – they exist to provide supporting information for the argument, not as destinations. One expects the reader to open the supporting information in a new page, read it, then dismiss the page to return to your original argument.

    gjbloom, it’s also arrogant to assume that users need an imposed method to their personal browsing habits. I think having links default to the same window is a bit more neutral, because users still have the option to open in a new window if they wish.

    I can just ctrl+click a link when I want it to open in a new tab. There’s no easy way to do the reverse (forcing a pop-up link to open in the same window), other than dragging the link to the address bar.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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