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    Hello. Please forgive me, as I seem to be unfamiliar with the language here. I have a problem with my posts in that on the actual post links work fine, but on the page that lists all of the posts under a category the links are broken.

    How can I set this up so that on that category page, my links in that first paragraph of text will still display correctly?

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  • The issue is obviously “by design” and not something that is broke. I am looking for a work around or perhaps a setting that I am missing.

    I did some more reading and I’ve found information about “The Loop”, however I am having a difficult time adjusting my loop on the post list to display those first 55 characters as they would show up on the post page itself.

    Ok, I was simply trying too hard. Anyone else looking at this for answers should read up on “The Loop”

    What I did to resolve this is replace
    < ?php the_excerpt(); ? >
    < ?php the_content(); ? >

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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