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Links in a .jpeg picture of a map ? possible ? (3 posts)

  1. taucherphil
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey Everybody,
    so far I always got great help here with all my code problems.
    But now I didn´t mess anything up or am not looking for a special place to change something ... I have an idea but no plan how to transform it into my wordpress page.

    here is what i want to do:

    I have a .jpeg file which is a drawn map of the island koh tao. and in this map you can see the postions of all the divesites.
    now I would like these divesite names to be links. (see here
    http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=325 )
    so more than one link inside a picture. is that possible ??? and how?
    is there a plugin, or anything for that ?

    i want people to be able to look at the picture . see the divesites. click on them and find the picture of the divesite map. which has the same feature and than you can see which fish is where and so on ... any ideas or suggestions ???
    Thanks so much again. great forum and support here so far.
    So thanks for your time.

  2. taucherphil
    Posted 5 years ago #

    okay ...
    i found out how it could be done if I´m right.
    I got a small programm called Fast Image Map 2.
    So I was able to mark the areas that I want to use as a link. get the coordinates and got a html source code .

    <area shape="circle" coords="24,33,23" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=333" alt="Chumphon Pinnacle" title="Chumphon Pinnacle" />
     <area shape="circle" coords="94,47,20" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=354" alt="Green Rock" title="Green Rock" />
     <area shape="rect" coords="66,132,125,159" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=335" alt="Twins" title="Twins" />
     <area shape="rect" coords="65,256,156,273" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=364" alt="Hin Pee Wee" title="Hin Pee Wee" />
     <area shape="rect" coords="158,231,242,252" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=420" alt="White Rock" title="White Rock" />
     <area shape="rect" coords="519,254,596,290" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=370" alt="Hin Wong Pinnacle" title="Hin Wong Pinnacle" />
     <area shape="rect" coords="7,767,93,800" href="http://www.kohtao-adventure.com/?page_id=348" alt="South-West Pinnacle" title="South-West Pinnacle" />
    <img src="koh tao green copy.jpg" width="727" height="800" border="0" alt="Hier gibt es eine Übersicht zu den einzelnen Tauchplätzen rund um Koh Tao. Einfach Tauchplatz anklicken für spezifische Infos" title="Hier gibt es eine Übersicht zu den einzelnen Tauchplätzen rund um Koh Tao. Einfach Tauchplatz anklicken für spezifische Infos" usemap="#Tauchplatzkarte Koh Tao" />

    where do i enter that and do i have to declare it in the header.php as well ???

  3. taucherphil
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Allright .. sorry I found it out myself. thanks anyways guys. but the admin can close or delete this post now.
    thanks ...

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